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  1. Lost & Found
    Found a Garmin watch on Deso Grey seems nice Describe watch and campsite and I would be happy to return.
  2. Lost & Found
    Found: PFD below Yarmony rapid. Direct message me to identify.
  3. Lost & Found
    Found Smith prescription sunglasses at Fly Camp, Middle Fork Salmon.
  4. Lost & Found
    San Juan River flash flood gear loss 🤦‍♂️. Please keep an eye out for a ~20x84" metal table and two jumbo ammo cans (25mm) lost from Ledge camp! UPDATE The table remains missing but the ammo cans have been found and returned! They floated 29 miles down from Ledge before getting picked up just...
  5. Lost & Found
    We are trying to return a breakdown kayak paddle to a 27 year old woman, who goes by the name of Olive. On August 7th, we gave her a ride from the Westwater put in to James M. Robb - Colorado River State Park. She was very new to kayaking, lived out of state (Idaho?) and paddled a red dancer...
  6. Lost & Found
    I suspect this was in the drift boat that is/was pinned. There was a bit of stuff in it, but the zippers were all open, so I have no idea what went swimming. I dried out your bugs, they should be good. Give me a couple specifics, like what your snack was going to be, your favorite fly shop, what...
  7. Lost & Found
    Was out on a trip yesterday on the Poudre and saw the strangest thing while were meeting with our customers at picnic rock saw a couple of guys pull up with an aluminum canoe. I thought that they were planning on going up to the lakes further up the canyon but low and behold as we were driving...
  8. Lost & Found
    Honestly, we thought it was a dead armadillo floating in the river on 6/11/2010 but upon closer inspection it was a freak'n carbon fiber hook-arm prosthesis (no offense to owner meant). I've come across many things on many rivers but what more can I say? I'm completely stumped! I'm sure its...
  9. Lost & Found
    Found this a week or two back below Bridal Veil rapid. If you lost your paddle here, give me a call 801-349-8862 and if you can ID it, let's try and get you reunited.
  10. Lost & Found
    We found a kayak on the South Fork of the South Platte river today (12 JUN 2010), approximately 1.9 miles South of Pine Creek Rd., and 7.8 miles North of Deckers, CO. Kayak appeard to have washed ashore on the West bank of the river. Email me through the forum to describe the boat, and I'll...
  11. Lost & Found
    today, 6-12-10 I lost an olympus stylus tough digital camera. The camera is grey and is a point and shoot 12MegaPixel waterproof camera. I think it was left at the Beaver Creek Boat ramp of the San Miguel River at about 1030AM. If you found my camera, call me to claim your reward! Chris...
  12. Lost & Found
    I found a purple seven2 carbon paddle behind the CSU engines lab where the Poudre crosses College Ave (Jun 7). There is a name and a phone number written on the paddle in sharpie - tell me the name and number and it's yours. P.S. I did try the number but it went straight to voicemail - maybe...
  13. Lost & Found
    Found it Sunday evening, 7pm. Had a number, disconnected. Post/email/pm to ID.
  14. Whitewater Kayaking
    We found a really nice green "York Pack" box in Moab this fall which I think the owner probably wants back. Some valuable personal items are in it. Call (970) 523-7662 to identify.
1-14 of 14 Results