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fishing frame

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    I have a 13 ft Hyside outfitter and a 3 bay DRE frame with 2 inch tubing. I'm wanting to start piecing together fishing frame add ons, starting with a standing deck and lean bar for the bow. Anyone have experience modding NRS components, DIY components, or other solutions? Open to just...
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    Purchased a 14' RMR and now looking to buy a fishing frame and all other things I will need for this boat. Located in Golden, willing to drive hit me up with any and all offers. Cheers, Pat 3zero3-512-3oneone8
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    I might buy a Salmon Expedition River Frame. My question is are they customizable? Like can I add a stern frame? Bow seats etc.. I just do a lot of fishing, and new to rafting.. Would like your thoughts And recommendations! Thank you everyone!
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  5. Rafts and Accessories
    We are selling our 14' NRS Otter raft with full fishing frame set-up and tilt trailer. Perfect for weeklong camping trips with the family or day trips focused on fishing! This raft has been impeccably maintained, and is ready to get you on the river now! Has always been kept in garage or...