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  1. Rafting | Trip Planner
    Hey Everyone, Does anyone know if there is a shuttle service or any options for public transportation on the Eagle between the Gypsum put in and Duck Pond River Access. I wanted to get my parents out tomorrow morning but our second car fell through. Let me know if you know of any or if anyone...
  2. Rafting | Trip Planner
    Hi, a friend and I are looking at a day float on the Eagle (she lives in Eagle). What is the nicest stretch (put-in & take-out) for an easy 4-hour or so float? What flow do we need to be able to float in my 14' SOAR canoe?
  3. Lost & Found
    Lost my boat net the other day somewhere on the Eagle around Wolcott/Yacht club. fish scale print, has a zip tie holding the net on in one spot. beer to the person that returns it!
  4. Lost & Found
    call me if you want it...970 949 4474 Probably off a fishing drift boat, perhaps AND WRITE YOUR PHONE NUMBER ON YOUR STUFF>>>> THIS IS SUCH A HASSLE GETTING THINGS BACK TO PEOPLE!!!
  5. Lost & Found
    I lost an AT paddle in the Eagle River on Monday. It has my name, Jeremiah Williams and number, 214-458-1958 on it. It should also have some NRS mambas attached to it. Please give me a call if you have found my paddle. I will offer a reward.
  6. Lost & Found
    We lost two 10ft. blue raft oars with wooden Sawyer blades, they are counter balanced with black rope wrap and oar rights on them. We flipped under the Bob Bridge in Avon, and they are somewhere between there and... who knows where. Unfortunately I didn't have our name on them, but fix that if...
1-6 of 6 Results