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  1. Whats the story with my Dory?

    Whitewater Dories
    Whats up buzzards? I got this sweet ass dory a few months ago and I am trying to find out more about it like who made it and when. I got it from a guy in Phoenix who got it from a guy in Arkansas who apparantly used to be a GC guide. It is supposedly made in the 70's and has been down the GC at...
  2. So I want to build a Dory....

    Whitewater Dories
    And was looking for some input. 1. Does anyone have a offsets (heights and widths for tops and bottoms of stations) and station (frame) spacing for their favorite Dory design? I have a few designs but they are all New England coastal Dories and they seem narrow to me (say 4'6" on an 15'6" OAL)...
  3. Dory in Westwater at 4k cfs?

    Whitewater Dories
    im running westwater next week and my friend wants to bring his drift boat/dory. level is about 4000. anyone know if this is a good or bad idea? thanks.
  4. Alt Oarboat? Small Dory?

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Any ideas for a whitewater oarboat that's not a raft or big dory? I've been rowing a Sportyak III, but she's probably 40 years old, and only has room for two people without gear, or one and minimal gear. Lots of bounce for the ounce, though, great ride, and good for a kayaker that's never...