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    The Donsa from Fluid just came in and is fitting a variety of sized paddlers at CKS. Dave who is 6'2" 34"inseam and size 11 shoe fits in it, so do I at 5'8" 30 inch inseam and size 9.5 shoe. We have one on the showroom floor now, come check it out and get in better shape this winter. The...
  2. Commercial Posts
    Be the first on your local run to have one of Fluid Kayaks brand new designs for 2010! Interested in Pre-Ordering a Fluid Detox , Fluid Donsa or Fluid Nemesis Composite Click Below For Prices Whitewater Kayaks Shop [Free Shipping On All Kayaks] We do offer layaway programs on our boats on...
1-2 of 2 Results