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  1. All-Around Boats
    Dagger Outburst for sale. I bought it used but have used it for 1 trip only. It is in good condition. I have a spray skirt to go with it. Asking $75.
  2. Lost & Found
    Found this morning! My daughter lost her kayak on the Taylor River above the South Bank takeout. It is small, well used, red and blue. Please call if you find it! 804 922 2480 or email [email protected] thank you!!! $100 reward
  3. Creek Boats
    Dagger Mamba 8.6 - Glacier (Blue and White), Creek hull - $400 or Best Offer. Stored indoors, NO damage, only minimal wear, normal use.
  4. All-Around Boats
    In great condition. Please text for more info/pics. located in Park City, UT. 914-417-1743
  5. Creek Boats
    Medium Dagger Nomad (Newmad) It does have some rash on the bow. Otherwise in good shape. 550.00 Mike Nine Seven-0-Seven 49-Fifteen21
  6. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Hi everyone, Chris here. Touch of background. Live in the Atlanta area, run the Cartecay and hooch. Nothing serious, just having fun playing. I am more of a play boat guy not much of a huge water guy... yet My previous boats were a dagger RPM, Centifuge, and a Ultrafuge. So I got out of...
  7. Lost & Found
    I lost my Dagger Juice 7.1, green, and werner paddle, black shaft white blades, in the numbers on Thursday. If found, please call (720) 840-4449. Reward in $ or beer, you pick. Thanks, Ryan
  8. Lost & Found
    we lost a blue dagger outlaw on the upper colorado. 6/6/10. The kayak was stuck on a rock under water, just past yarmany, river right. Has contact info inside or call Dustin Rhodes 712-251-8830...thank you
  9. Whitewater Kayaking
    First of all I'm 140 pounds and 5'10". I normally paddle a kingpin 6.1 and love that boat but lately I have been wanting a fraidy boat for class IV rapids. The kingpin gets pushed around a lot! I picked up a Dagger GT 8.1 at an incredible price and in great condition. I can roll my kingpin...
  10. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    So I was checking out the fitting info on the Dagger website, and they recommend drilling holes in the 3" foam fitting blocks for the bulkhead. I'm all ready to get on it, but my foam pack didn't come with the 3" blocks. I tried the "contact us" link on the Dagger website and it has been 4 days...
  11. Whitewater Kayaking
    Hi! My name is Lorenzo and I'm new in this forum... I'd like to know advices to pick the right model of a Dagger Agent. I live in Italy (in Tuscany) and unfortunately I have no chance to try a demo boat... I'm 6,2 and 185, an dI really can't decide whether to order a 6.2 or a 6.4...
  12. Commercial Posts
    The Dagger Kingpin’s been around the block a time or two. It’s a tried and true, slicey cartwheel machine that’s won competitions all over the planet. The great thing about this boat is that it’s super easy to learn the fundamentals of freestyle kayaking in, and then will take you to the outer...
  13. Whitewater Kayaking
    so i was wanting to get a g ride for the upcoming season but having a hard time finding one. i saw a showdown for sale and was wanting some input on which one people think is a better boat. im looking for a boat that i can progress more with play but still be able to run class 3/4. i paddled a...
  14. Whitewater Kayaking
    Hey whats up i know its winter but im already thinkin about the rivers. Looking to purchase a dagger g-ride 6.2 for the upcoming season so if their is anybody out there who has a g-ride or something similar and wants to sell it then def let me know!! thanks -Justin
1-14 of 14 Results