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  1. Rafting | Gear Talk
    Hello, relatively new guy here. I've read through a lot of posts on coolers, but this is a questions specific to my frame. Thought it might be fun for people to help me problem solve (and do it "right" the first time rather than F it all up for months). I just got my AIRE 143D with a DRE frame...
  2. Rafts and Accessories
  3. Rafts and Accessories
    I have a brand new yeti cooler that does not fit our frame. Never been used and I only opened it to measure to confirm it would not fit. We are located in Denver. Measure once buy twice I guess.
  4. Rafts, Dories, Packrafts, SUP, and Accessories
    Canyon Navigator Cooler, 150 qt, less than 1 year old and in great shape. Cooler is too large for our new boat, nothing wrong with it. Normally retails for $549.99 Best cooler I have ever used, we still had (plenty of) ice after 18 days on the grand canyon, front and side drain plugs. Also...
  5. Commercial Posts
    Hey there! I'm a Chef in Durango Colorado looking to start a new business catering to outdoor enthusiasts. Being deemed the Camp Chef from early on this idea was born out of necessity on the water's of the Colorado. What I really need to know is if this is a service that would be welcomed by...
  6. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Looking for opinions on sorting cooler contents for long, hot trips (like the Grand or San Juan in August). What do folks prefer: 1. sort by contents, i.e., meats, vegies, dairy, in separate coolers; 2. sort by meals, i.e., breakfast, lunch, etc.; 3. sort by days, i.e., all meals for days 1-4...
  7. Whitewater Kayaking
    Galaxy Coolers are back on the market. for shapes and prices. 95% of the outfitters in the Grand Canyon use them extensively, because having ice after 20 days in July is a beautiful thing:) It must be tough battling in a cooler market full of multi-millionaires...
1-7 of 7 Results