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  1. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    What is the best link to get accurate flows for the Foxton run on the South Plate in Colorado. Thanks, Lenny.
  2. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Planning on running the Lower Blue Friday, September 17th and looking for any beta on car camping near take-out or put-in for Thursday night. Will have a small pop-up trailer, so any forest service roads, or any place to get off the main roads would be great. Any input would be helpful...
  3. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Looking to run the Lower Blue Friday morning, September 17th. Live in Fort Collins and will either camp out near river Thursday night OR arrive early Friday morning to run. My wife will be coming along to run shuttle, so it should make things simple. If interested please send me a post or...
  4. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Hi all- I am a 2nd year paddler and am looking for partners to run some easy sections of the Colorado on Labor Day weekend. I ran Grizzly Creek down past the Glenwood PP yesterday and am looking to run it again this weekend. 8-) If you are looking some easy, class II river time, let me know.
  5. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Basically, I am just looking for any advice about boating in the Denver area or seeing if anyone would be willing to show me the ropes. I just moved to Denver and am looking for people to boat with. I just started kayaking in Jan this year at pool sessions in Wisconsin. Have been on the river...
  6. Whitewater Kayaking
    Only 3 weeks until the best race and festival of the season! Gore Race is Saturday August 28th and everything is line for a great day out. If you've ever wanted to get on Gore Canyon, this is the day to do it. However to make sure this can all happen we do need the help of volunteers. This...
  7. Lost & Found
    2 lost jackson river running boats, blue and yellow. Lost on highway 285 in Colorado somewhere between Salida and Grant. Fell off the back of trailor and belong to YMCA non-profit camp. They are very important to our programing. Please call Andrew at 303-838-7900 with any information concerning...
  8. Commercial Posts
    Hello Buzz, Now that the rivers have emptied, time to try stand up paddling. We have a large collection of boards to rent in Boulder. Inflatables, Epoxy race boards, Touring Boards, and surf boards. Check us out at Email us at [email protected]
  9. Whitewater Kayaking
    Six minute video of Sickbird 2010. Multi-sport Eldorado Canyon, Colorado Sickbird 2010 « Gordon Banks
  10. Lost & Found
    Yo. Had a nasty little swim today at the glenwood playpark and had my boat and paddle float away. Recovered the boat at South Canyon, but the paddle was nowhere to be seen. Definitely a reward. Thanks, Luke Lubchenco (970)309-0579
  11. Lost & Found
    BEER REWARD!! Lost AT paddle above the Blackrocks campsites on May 8, 2010 on the Ruby Horsethief section of the Colorado River. It is an AT 3 "Edge"...195cm / 15 degree offset (custom made). The entire paddle is black with yellow edges on the blades. The ID is worn off, but it does have...
  12. Whitewater Kayaking
    Has anyone run the dam at Evergreen Lake in Evergreen CO? I drive by it every day and it looks run-able but i can't tell for sure. If you know of anyone who's run the dam, let me know
  13. Whitewater Kayaking
    So I'm planning on heading up to check out the north fork of the poudre tomorrow with some friends. I have heard from a few people that its going, but would like to get some more insight if that is in fact true. Not sure what time we are heading up but pm if you want to join the crew.
  14. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    i haven't found any official info for permitting on the Ruby/Horsethief - Loma, CO to Westwater, Utah stretch of the Colorado. last year the rangers had mentioned that campsite permits were on the discussion block. anyone have info on this for the 2010 season? thanks -Wes.
  15. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Anyone done this stretch and have some advice on the trip? Is this a three day two night and how is the camping situation. I'm thinking about an early to mid-may trip (weather dependent) to get warmed up for the summer.
  16. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Boats, Gear, People, Whatever. Let me know if you need anything transported to the denver area. Danny 541 944 1501 Please call or text. I am not online more than once a week.
  17. Commercial Posts
    I have spaces available for Gore Canyon trips starting this weekend 8-9-09 until the last week of September. Contact me directly at (719)530-1988 Matt Will be taking helmet cam video, and pictures at most major rapids. Prices start at $160. But discounts available it the code DVK7 is used...
  18. Whitewater Rafting
    I'm a longtime skier who wants to get into rafting or kayaking, so you experienced peeps need to help me escape my ignorance. First, am I crazy in thinking I can put a low-end 3-person raft into the Upper or Lower Blue (eyeballing the Intex Seahawk II). If they are running too heavy, what about...
  19. Whitewater Kayaking
    I just posted a four-minute video of Scott Young and Matthew Brodene creek boating on some Class V drops and rapids on the South Saint Vrain River, Lyons, Colo., on the Lyons Outdoor Games blog. Go to the LOG blog to check it out. It's on YouTube as well, but it doesn't look as good.
  20. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Headed out to Cali, and I'll be passing through Boulder. Never been out here so I would like to check out some local runs. Looking for some cl IV creeking. Im confident on IV, I've paddled some Vs and loved it, but would be hesitant to jump on Vs out here as I have never paddled out of the East...
21-40 of 44 Results