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  1. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Good Morning, I live here in Colorado and have a great appreciation for the outdoors. I have been looking for a river kayak for the summer, this is a hobby that I have been interested in getting into for a while now. I'm looking for suggestions for entry level kayaks that allow room for growth...
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    Nicole Mansfield did a review on her Werner Double Diamond. Great paddle, great company and great warranty. They are made with care in the US (Sultan Washington) and will stand the test of time (and hard knocks on manky rocks). The Werner Double Diamond Review By Nicole Mansfield | Colorado...
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    NRS has been working on this inflatable SUP for a while. They did 3 rounds of prototypes, and finally released the latest version to the public. We had the opportunity to paddle it a bunch this summer, and it is a great "do it all" board. It's primary stability is insanely good, and it is built...
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    Free Shipping on all orders until December 11 (Friday). Offer excludes Jackson Kayaks and special order items. This offer includes all whitewater kayaks, paddles, recreational kayaks,SUP's, rafts, frames, and anything big and heavy. FREE Ground Shipping December 6-11!
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    It's the Holidays, and we've got a good sale going right now. Take an additional 15% off of your entire accessory order including items already on sale (excludes boats and boards). TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 15% off of this AT2 Flexi (one of the best paddles out there), that is already over $100 off...
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    Evan Stafford did a review on his favorite PFD, the Astral Green Jacket. Cool pics and good info. Solid PFD. The Astral Green Jacket Long Term Review by Evan Stafford | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog BTW-The new LE4's are sick. Czech Yourself (before you wreck yourself). Jakub Nemec edition...
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    Our squad manager Chris Menges reviewed the AT2 Superlight for us. It's a pretty smooth paddle. Really LIGHT too. Chris Menges Reviews The AT2 Superlight Paddle | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog We've got 3 2010 model (old graphics) Superlight's in stock for almost $100 off. If you want one, get...
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    Here's an interview with Mike Harvey and Zack Hughes, the owners of the Badfish River Surfboards. They just released their first model called the Chubby Stick. It's super short, thick and fat high performance river surf board / SUP. It's currently built in 2 sizes. Badfish River Surf Boards Are...
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    The paddling season in Colorado is coming to a close. If you're not planning on using your boat this winter, and are looking for an excuse to buy a new pair of ski's, snowboard or bindings, never fear, CKS is here. Bring your boat(s) and/or paddle(s) into our retails store and let us sell it for...
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    I know that Nicole Mansfield is on Team Pyranha, and is reviewing the Molan. Even though she may be a bit biased towards her sponsors boats, she has been ripping in it(all of the demshitz crew has), and has some really good insight into the boat, including how it is a bit narrower than the star...
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    Here's a short, sweet and to the point review on a classic paddle; the AT2 Flexi shaft. Greg Parker Reviews The Adventure Technology AT2 Flexi Shaft | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
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    Pyranha dropped a demo Varun off a few weeks ago, and we had a chance to take it out at the river park. 2 thumbs up so far. One employee has one on order. solid boat. 1st shipment of retail Varun's arrived last weekend. The 2011 Pyranha Varun Whitewater Kayak Review | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
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    Here's a straight up review on a great blade. The Powerhouse is a classic and always will be. Thanks Evan. The Werner Carbon Powerhouse Review - By Evan Stafford | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
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    Here's a really good summary on the Rapid Fire. Mike's been way into SUP recently, and gives us this thoughts on the latest river running, game changing SUP... The Imagine Eco Surf Boards Rapid Fire Trip Report from The Salmon River By Mike Harvey | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
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    We received the first installment of Imagine Eco Surf Boards - Rapid Fire's. If you have not heard of these, they are the new roto molded, down river SUP's, that cost $450. It's like cheating going down river. The edges do not catch on eddy lines, it is WICKED stable, and feels like you are...
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    If you're looking for a good dry suit, one that will last a long, long time...Check out the Kokatat Meridian Gore Tex. The Kokatat Gore Tex Meridian Dry Suit Review By Atom Crawford | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
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    We have been having a blast on the super versatile Rubicon SUP. It has a dry hatch, bungees, dog pad, and a displacement hull. check it out...We've got a demo too! The Tahoe SUP Rubicon Stand Up Paddle Board Review | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
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    Come to CKS and save big on all new kayaks, new gear and new accessories (Excluding 2010 Jackson Kayaks and consignment items). Everything in-stock will be on sale, and older inventory will have blowout pricing. The savings are fantastic! CKS End Of The Year Gear Swap And Sale - August 6,7,8 |...
1-20 of 41 Results