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climate change

  1. River of Action at the BV River Park!!!

    The Eddy
    Colorado Kayak Supply is announcing its sponsorship of the River of Action which will take place in Buena Vista, CO on October 24, 2009. River of Action is part of the International Day of Climate Change, an initiative of the nonprofit, which aims to bring attention and action to the...
  2. Climate Change and the Colorado River Basin

    Whitewater Kayaking
    I'm not sure exactly why I'm compelled to post this on the Buzz, but I thought you river enthusiasts should know. My guess is that most already understand the connection and are aware of projected dwindling snowpacks and flows associated with climate change, and that others, the 'flat earth...
  3. NOAA's Latest Report on Climate Change

    The Eddy
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is set to release their most current report on climate change. This, of course, contains information that is important to us all. Incredibly, misinformation about climate change still abounds and innocent people are continually lured into...