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  1. Safety Kayaker (class V)

    Industry Jobs
    Looking for a real deal class (V) Safety Kayaker with current WFR for the Upper Animas River in Durango, CO. The Upper A is a fast paced, technical stretch of river that changes with flows. the Upper A winds its way through the beautiful San Juan Mountains. For more information checkout Four...
  2. Looking for class V buddy.

    Whitewater Rafting
    Howdy- I'll be up in the Ark drainage Tuesday afternoon June 19th and am in need of an R2 partner to run Pine Creek. If/when all goes well I'd also like to consider R2ing Lake Creek this same week. My resume can be found here: COLORADO-OREGON I have many exploratory and hair descents in the...
  3. Unbelievable New Boat - Class V rated!!!!

    Rafting | Gear Talk Dave Scadden Paddlesports - "Dave Scadden's unbelievable new 2017 Carbon Predator raises the bar of one person pontoon craft performance even higher with an astounding hull weight of 8 lbs…yes you read right 8 lbs.!!! The new Carbon Predator is...
  4. Boogie boarding Class Vs

    Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    Can a rapid that is supposedly CLASS V, really be a class V when commercials have large groups of tourists boogie boarding it? Seems that the rapid is over-rated. Your thoughts?
  5. New to the area, looking for class V partners

    Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Waddup mountainbuzz. I'm visiting CO from NY; out here for the rest of June. My buddy headed on to the PNW, so I'm looking for people that can/will get out on some of the classics with me for the next ten days. I'd like to hit the poudre narrows (even at this level; looks good to go) and the...
  6. Rafting Tumwater Canyon: Classic Bigwater Class V

    Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    With everything pretty much dried up in the PNW we were still able to find some big water on this gem. Here are a couple of 20-30 second videos of some of the great rapids on Tumwater Canyon of the Wenatchee River. Exit Rapid (Class V-V+) POW (first vid is the...
  7. First Roll to First Class V

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Over the past two seasons me kayaking, I have been filming to show my progression through this sport. Since it is winter and almost a foot of snow on the ground, I decided to go through and put some of the clips together to show my first roll to first Class V. I did end up missing some footage...
  8. Class VI Wind!?!?

    Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    I'm sure we've all had our run-ins with wind but man-oh-man did we encounter some nasty stuff last weekend. I skipped out on Cheatfest last week to finally run a stretch of water I have been trying to catch for years. So Me, my GF and uncle took my SBer and his cat on a camp trip down...

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I have been using some warmers sidezip wetsuit boots for a season or two but I want something that is going to protect my feet...both from the river and from my boat. I had looked at the NRS work boot but it does not have the protection I am after. I would rather not have to spend over 150...
  10. Rafting class V/V+ Chelan Gorge

    Whitewater Rafting
    American Whitewater has been very gracious in working with the Chelan P.U.D. to get a couple of days release off the lake to do a flow monitering study and of the gorge. Only hardshells were previously allowed on the study but this year they were gracious enough to allow inflatables. Was super...
  11. First Ds and Class V action in the PNW!

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Hello mountain rippers. Check out what's been goin down at: Oregon Rafting Team Our three latest blog entries are worth a look- If you might have been even the least bit entertained please give us a LIKE on Facebook. Paddle safe, ORT
  12. Serious Class V Question

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Mid-West Freestyle Canoe 2007 -- Marc Ornstein - YouTube
  13. Class V Biking!

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Mountain Bike Takes a Ride in Class 5 Rapids.wmv - YouTube
  14. Inner tubers run the class VI Niagra Falls

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Hey all, Glenn here in Boredatworklandia. Boredatworklandia is a grassroots local think tank of shit talking and stoke squashing. We feature interesting folks doing cool stuff. We just wanted to point out people have figured out how to run way harder whitewater in much more robust vessels. The...
  15. Creature Craft runs the class VI Tumwater Canyon

    Whitewater Rafting
    Hey all, Icicle TV here in Leavenworth, Washington. ITV is a grassroots local website for the Leavenworth area. We feature interesting folks doing cool stuff. We just released our new Creature Craft video and it's pretty fun. The guys hit the Wenatchee River's Tumwater Canyon section, with...
  16. Am I ready for Class V?

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Hi, I am a 2nd year boater. I know this sounds bad but let me finish. I have a bomber roll, on and off side and hand rolls on both sides. I am extremely confident in all of them. I have ran Westwater and the Numbers and didn't feel challenged on either of them. I have a creek boat and I feel...
  17. class V helmets

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Ok so after going through 2 sr full face helmets in a month...(one was a warranty issue....promptly fixed, the other totally a high speed underwater rock impact....saved my @$$), I finally bought the sweet full face. What I noticed wHile reading the owners manual was that it clearly states...
  18. American Whitewater Class V Sponsorship!!

    Whitewater Kayaking
    Instead of spending money on marketing, we're just going to spend it on saving rivers... American Whitewater - Bliss-Stick US Joins AW as a $20,000 Partner! We believe 100% in what they do for all of us. Thanks!! briere
  19. r4 super puma down insane drop!

    Whitewater Kayaking
    I saw this post and had to share it. Check these guys out in! Brush Creek First R4 Descent! « Rafting «
  20. Wake board winching in class V

    Whitewater Kayaking
    check this shit out: Agua Please, Episode 1: Nick Ennen Vs. The River By Agua Please on FUEL.TV