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  1. Aire Cougar 18'

    Rafts and Accessories
    18' Cougar Fun cat for any river at any flow. Best gear boat I've ever owned. Been on every major river in the west. Only drafts a few inches deep. It has made it down the upper Middle Fork of the Salmon during ultra low late season that most boats need to be dragged or flown in lower. Included...
  2. 16' Sotar Cataraft setup with frame, oars, and drybox. $900 **SOLD**

    Rafts and Accessories
    ** The boat is sold, thanks everyone for your interest.**** Selling my well used and loved 16' Sotar cataraft setup. For $900 You get..... 16' Sotar Tubes 3 Piece custom steel frame with 5 bays NRS seat Oarlocks Old sawyer oars Cataract Oar Shafts (need to buy a couple of blades. these are...
  3. DRE Pro Cat 14x24 tubes vs Aire Ocelot 14x22 Tubes

    Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Hello, I'm now to boating and am looking for help deciding on tubes. I boat in and around Gunnison primarily, which include the Taylor and Gunnison river. One or two longer trips a year, Desolation this year San Juan last year. Passanger are myself and girlfried and rarely a small dog or...