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  1. Rafts and Accessories
    Great tubes with Aire warranty through 2027. Got some 16’ tubes and don’t need both 15 and 16. Only the tubes are for sale , not the frame. Have extra bladder too. No holes or leaks (hold air better than anything I have ever owned). Just some normal frame wear and some scuffs.
    $2,200 USD
  2. Rafts and Accessories
    Sotar Legend Cat 13’ tubes: I bought these in April 2014 as a demo set from Dusty Hanslovan (DRL River Supply). They are still in excellent condition. There was 1 small patch when delivered and it’s never leaked. Except for this last year (when I sold my trailer) they have always been cleaned...
    $4,500 USD
  3. Want to Buy 16' cat tubes

    Rafts and Accessories
    looking for 16'cat tubes
    $1,234 USD
  4. Rafts and Accessories
    It has come time to sell my cat. Lightly used. 1- 5 day trip, 2- 3 day westwater trips, and a handful of day trips on our local river (Cache La Poudre). Located in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Asking $6k obo. Full album located here...
    $6,000 USD
  5. Rafts, Dories, Packrafts, SUP, and Accessories
    We are selling our big fella. 17' JPW El Tigre/Royal Flush Hybrid. 25" tubes 17' nose to nose, 12.5' waterline. 10' Top Cat NRS Frame with extras. Black with Green D Rings, grey double bottom --- I've heard it all, so please just don't...LOL. Its not much hotter than a blue boat, and its...
  6. Rafts, Dories, Packrafts, SUP, and Accessories
    I built these yokes last year and they have worked great for 15+ trips, but i recently came into a pair of NRS yokes for a great price and couldn't pass up the offer. Therefore I am selling these in hopes to help get someone else on the water for cheaper than new DRE or NRS yokes. Made out of...
  7. Rafts and Accessories
    I'm looking for a 15'-16' Cat or potentially a self-bailing raft.Ideally, I'd like to find a full setup with a raft, frame, oars, straps. Basically someone who is looking to get out of the game. But if you're planning to keep the rest of the gear and are just selling a raft or raft/frame/oars...
  8. Rafts and Accessories
    These rails are $215 (including shipping surcharge) plus tax from NRS. I need the deeper rails for multi-day trips and cannot afford to keep both. Willing to part with for $160. These are brand new and never used. Not interested in shipping given size, but am frequently in both Salida/BV...
  9. Rafts and Accessories
    I have sport rails 88", but want standard drop so my drybox will fit. Willing to even trade or would consider buying. Don't want to ship anything given size of these. In both Salida and Front Range regularly.
  10. Rafts and Accessories
    Steel cat frame, breakdown w/ 2 passenger seats, easily modified/configured. In B’ham but I travel a Corvallis to CDA to B’ham loop regularly, can talk about delivery Insult w/ best offer!
  11. Rafts and Accessories
    18' Cougar. Fun cat for any river at any flow. BEST gear boat I've ever owned. Been on every major river in the west. Only drafts a few inches deep. It's been down the upper Middle Fork Salmon during ultra low late season flows when other boats need to be dragged or flown in lower...
  12. Rafts and Accessories
    18' Cougar Fun cat for any river at any flow. Best gear boat I've ever owned. Been on every major river in the west. Only drafts a few inches deep. It has made it down the upper Middle Fork of the Salmon during ultra low late season that most boats need to be dragged or flown in lower. Included...
  13. Whitewater Kayaking
    Doing a CAT trip MAy 20th, reuniting bros from across the country on the river. I haven't done cat in 9 years. Anyways Eveyone is digging deep for creative ways to make the trip more epic, two guitars and a mandolin, costumes, grab bag night? no motor for the float in so we got to get the...
  14. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I've looked at what has been posted here and on other threads and now I have placed an order for a bunch of hollaender elbows and aluminum schedule 40 1" ID tubing. I'm designing a frame to fit around a Yeti Sherpa 100 cooler. Fancy bendy parts from Sid's ( who was very helpful and...
1-14 of 14 Results