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  1. Accessories
    Pic, deets, and contact info here: Thanks for looking.
  2. Lost & Found
    LOST: Red Olympic Tough T3 camera in black neoprene case at Carey Creek takeout on Main Salmon on August 19. Camera has little value but photos are PRICELESS! Hoping for some river karma. Please contact [email protected] if you found it.
  3. Lost & Found
    I left my older red Olympus Tough T-3 camera in a black neoprene case on the ground at the Carey Creek boat ramp on Monday, 8/19. Hoping for some river karma to send back the irreplaceable photos!
  4. Lost & Found
    One of my river mates lost her red Olympus camera near the Carey Creek take out. It was in a red case. If found please send me a message.:(
  5. Lost & Found
    Panasonic sport camera lost on the middle fork week of July 8th. Have you found it? It's in a black fleece bag. [email protected]
  6. Lost & Found
    I accidentally left my camera on the Selway July 5th while having a lunch break at Black Sands camp approx mile 17.8. It's at the far upper end of the boulder bar, opposite end of the eddy/camp, at the high water mark, sitting on a horizontal tree root under a few shade trees along the bank...
  7. Lost & Found
    I left my little red Vivitar camera in a clear waterproof case hanging from a tree branch at the Granite campsite at mile 93 on Wednesday June 12 while stopped for lunch. I was with a large Tour West commercial group. There was a private group with 5 or 6 rafts and about the same number of...
  8. Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    Hey mtnbuzzards, I'm getting ready for a private Grand trip in a few week, & am considering finally getting a Go-pro or similar decent quality waterproof camera to bring along. I used an Ottercase with my Iphone on my last trip down there, & the quality of the pics was pretty lame. I've...
  9. Lost & Found
    A neighbor found some camera gear on the Hewletts bridge on the Poudre, on the morning of Tuesday, June 4th. She has checked with photographers from companies. Please call Jan at 970-484-3844 or email [email protected] to identify!
  10. Lost & Found
    A Panasonic Lumix camera (orange) was inadvertently left at Knowles camp on Ruby Horsethief 10/21/18. The camera is on it's last legs but it would be nice to get it back for the photos.
  11. Lost & Found
    Yellow Fujifilm - FinePix Catamount bridge take out on Upper C Saturday afternoon 10/20/18. Not the end of the world but would like to have it back. Been a handy rafting camera for years.
  12. Lost & Found
    Found Camera on 7/4 on the San Juan between Sand Island and Mexican Hat. Let me know model and/or where it was left and we can figure out how to get it back to you. James
  13. Rafting | Gear Talk
    I left my Canon point and shoot camera at the beautiful cottonwood at the entrance to Butler Wash on the San Juan. I have a card in the black case with my name and phone if any one finds it. If not, it's a great camera.
  14. Lost & Found
    I found a camera in the mud on the Upper Missouri River Breaks, Halfway between Coal Banks and Judith Landing. The camera is a Nikon Coolpix S9100. The camera is a total loss, but I was able to recover the pictures from the SD Card. The photos were taken on 5/18/17 through 5/21/17. I am...
  15. Lost & Found
    Found camera on Deso above Jacks Creek on Ute Side. Pictures date from 5/21. PM to identify
  16. Rafting | Gear Talk
    Hello fellow boater friends! Wondering if anyone has suggestions for mounting a camera to a boat frame? Doing a long trip and looking for ideas etc. on how to mount a camera so no one has to hold it etc. Thanks, John in Taos
  17. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I take a camera with me for most days on the rio. Sometimes I use my Watershed Ocoee, other times I use a Patagucci flyfishing bag. Those both work great, and are utterly dry inside. They're also pretty big. Of late I've been using one of these. Really fits the bill for when I need...
  18. Lost & Found
    Found a camera at a camp site on river. send description and camp site and we will mail it back.
  19. Lost & Found
    Lost my camera at the Big Stick campground in the Chinlee Creek area. It's a blue Canon waterproof camera with a small grey cord attached. Pictures on memory card are of many water trips: the Salmon, some sea kayaking, etc. Sentimental value - PLEASE contact me if you found it! Thanks - good...
1-19 of 232 Results