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  1. Rafts & Accessories
    2000 Riken Pioneer. 13’ Hypalon, standard floor, military valves. This raft is in really good condition. It’s never been patched and holds air for as long as you need. No thwarts as they were removed before I purchased it. I used it gently as a fishing raft on the lower Gunnison. Treated...
    $850 USD
  2. Rafts, Dories, Packrafts, SUP, and Accessories
    For sale is an older Avon 12' bucket boat. The raft is in fair condition, It holds air and includes everything pictured. $650
    $650 USD
  3. Rafts and Accessories
    12 ft Avon bucket boat, couple of paddles, bowline, thirsty mate, day frame. Main tubes hold air great. Slow leak in one of the thwarts. Chafe strips on bottom show signs of age, rubber and floor in good shape. Respond to ad or text to: 760, seven zero nine, 0708. Located in Williams, OR...
  4. Rafts & Accessories
    This came with my raft a few years back, but I never used it. When I sold the boat, the new owner didn't need the floor. 1/2" plywood, laminate/resin coating in good shape. Nylon & straps also in excellent good condition. This fit a 14' Riken, but I'm sure it would fit others. Square piece is...
  5. Rafts and Accessories
    FOR SALE 1985 16 foot Avon PRO hypalon bucket boat with custom frame. Standard floor. Comes with a cooler, groover, frame with oar towers and locks and removable table. Leaffield valves. Make an offer. Located in Taos, NM. More pictures upon request. Thank you, Peter.
  6. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I have a 16' Achilles from the early 90's. The tubes are wicked solid and hold air for days. On the Upper CO last weekend, I hit a water pumping pipe that jutted 12' out into the river about 6" below the surface. It apparently had shrappenel like edges in the middle of it and cut a 14" slit in...
  7. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I have an old Avon bucket boat and the floor has numerous small pinholes. I was thinking of doing a few things, my first option is to ditch the old floor and buy a new self bailer. Second was to buy a can of gacoflex or send it over to Inflatable Technologies for a shiny urethane coat...
  8. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I have an older Avon Pro bucket boat, my favorite boat I've ever owned! And I've heard of folks modifying the floor to be Self Bailing. Has anyone done this? What does it entail and could I do it myself? And does anyone know what the potential cost of this is?
1-8 of 8 Results