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  1. Lost & Found
    When loading my gear, I overlooked my 4pc Werner Powerhouse breakdown. (Approx 5/9-5/10) @ BTO It has my name and contact info, along with Kokopelli signage stamped as well. REWARD and Hightened river Karma for it's return! Andrew 620 951-4632
  2. Lost & Found
    Paddled the bridges section yesterday - Sunday, June 20; stowed my boat with my paddling gear in the tall grass, hitch-hiked up to get my car, and then loaded my boat in my car and drove home. When I hung my stuff up to dry, I realized I was missing my black perception spray skirt. Weird...
  3. Lost & Found
    Just a heads up that we're looking for a sweep kit that was left at Bridges Take Out on the Poudre yesterday, June 2... most likely in the morning. It's a blue bag and contains a first aid kit, repair kit, PFD, and a spare pump. Please call 970-482-1995 if you have any information! Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results