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  1. Lost & Found
    I'm pretty sure I left my booties behind at the lowest lot at the Bailey take out. Would have been left along the fence line closest to the river. Let me know if you picked any up.
  2. Lost & Found
    Claim 'em if they're yours. Size 6.
  3. Lost & Found
    Hey Luke, you gave me and my friend a ride from santa rita to the put in today. We came back and your booties were still there. Hit me up to get them back. 9702614211 thanks, Ty
  4. Whitewater Kayaking
    Have a theory that neoprene booties should be rubber coated so the outer layer doesnt aid in evaporative cooling. I've been on rivers where i took off my booties and rowed barefoot because my booties (over neoprene socks) were freezing my feet Anyone else have similar observations?
  5. Lost & Found
    dang! i left my newish teva booties under a tammie at the pancho's kitchen beach. anybody find 'em or have any ideas on how to get them back. thanks!
  6. Lost & Found
    Found a pair of black NRS booties early June on the Green River in Desolation Canyon. Email [email protected] or call 402-658-6472 to identify and claim.
  7. Lost & Found
    Right below Rigor Mortis, at the put in for Lower Clear Creek, found some NRS booties (Sunday). There was no one else around except my own group and so I took 'em home. They don't seem particularly pricey, but I'm sure someone's feet misses them. If you can describe 'em, they're yours...
  8. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I have a bomber gear drysuit and have busted out a ankle gasket. Instead of replacing the gaskets I was wondering if anyone had heard of someone that would replace the gaskets with latex or cloth booties instead of the gasket. Any ideas, opinions, and help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Eric
  9. Winter Buzz
    I have a golden retriever and she seems to have issues with the snow hurting her feet. We have trimmed the hair between her toes but snow still seems to pack in and she ends up stopping on the trail and holding her feet up. Has anyone used dog booties and can recommend a good brand that will...
  10. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I have been using neoprene socks for when I'm in my playboat but I've torn countless holes in them and have realized i need something with a little sole to it. any suggestions? thanks.
  11. Lost & Found
    Just realized that I left my booties at the Carbondale boat launch in the afternoon two weeks ago Monday. Give a ring if you have them - easy way to a free six pack of your choice.
  12. Lost & Found
    I think I left a pair of NRS booties, size 10, in the change room at the Stone Bridge takeout on the Arkansas river on Saturday, Aug 9th. A six pack is offered for their return. Thanks Bill
  13. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    hey i am in the market for some new booties and i need something that is a good creeking bootie with nice support. Any suggestions? thanks
  14. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I'm looking to replace my smooth soled NRS neoprene booties with something a bit more substantial and a little thicker sole so I don't feel every rock when I scout or walk to put-ins. Can some people rec what has worked best for them? I have a bit of room in my 75 Diesel. (just not enough...
  15. Lost & Found
    I left a pair of size 7 Warmers booties (5mm neoprene) at the Steven's gulch put in - TWO WEEKS AGO ( 6/29 and just realized it yesterday) A commercial trip descended on the put-in creating a chaos that absorbed my wife's booties. No booties for her, no booty for me! Please help. Dan...
  16. Lost & Found
    We picked these up believing they belonged with one of the other two piles of equipment left that evening. All of the other equipment has been returned just the booties remain. PM me if they are yours.
  17. Lost & Found
    Lost my size small NRS red booties at the filter plant take out beach at picnic rock about 2 weeks ago. They are in good condition. Thanks! [email protected]
  18. Lost & Found
    Yo- I found a pair of newer booties at the Glenwood playpark. If there your's, give a brief description and I'll get them to you. Mut
  19. Whitewater Kayaking
    For those of you looking for a pair of stout booties for paddling, the PAYETTE is finally here. After a season of testing last year they are in production and in stores near you already. The Payette can be found at the following retail locations: Denver - Confluence Kayaks & Telemark Buena...
  20. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Hopefully at pro-deal? They are for work afterall.... I've got some Keen flops and some nice sKeen hoes my gf got me. Saw waterwindwaterevertheheck's keen booties the other day and I want some of my own!
1-20 of 33 Results