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  1. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Check it out, spray skirts and dry tops half off. Most of the paddles look like touring paddles but if you're into that. If you need an invite feel free to use The Clymb | The Gear You Need. Up to 70% Below Retail.™
  2. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Anyone know about the current bomber gear situation? Are they operating or not? I have heard both ways. I have tried calling the company, to no avail. All emails I have sent are returned because of permanent error. I tried to make an order on the website and have not seen or heard anything...
  3. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I enjoy reading reviews people have written based on their experience with products. This is what I did when I first got into kayaking. Now it's my turn :). I've use 3 different sprayskirts since 2009, KBomb from Bomber Gear is the best I've used and most likely the best skirts around. They...
  4. Commercial Posts
    They are making a comeback and will be distributed through Confluence Watersports ( Dagger and Wavesport). Just curious as to what paddlers think about their gear. Would you pick Bomber Gear as a brand over Kokatat, IR, and NRS? Do you like their skirts? How about their dry-tops? Is there...
  5. Whitewater Kayaking
    A mouse or mice got in my gear bag and decided to chew holes in my drytop. It is beyond repair, if anyone has a large drytop in good shape they would like to sell I am in the market. I live in Longmont and will pay cash. Needless to say last Saturday I cleaned the garage an put up shelves so...
  6. Whitewater Kayaking
    Looking for a new 3-season drytop and have previously used Bomber Gear's stuff. Their website has only off sizes and colors available. Anyone know what's going on with BG? Or anyone know a retailer that carries a good selection of their stuff? Thanks
  7. Commercial Posts
    Confluence Watersports (Dagger, Wave Sport, AT, Bomber Gear parent) is growing and we're looking for some industry minds who are interested in some of these key positions that have opened. Retailers that came by for a tour a few weeks ago were extremely impressed to hear about our benefits...
  8. Commercial Posts
    Bomber Gear is clearing out all of our current inventory to make room in our new warehouse! Get in on some great discounts now - 25% off the entire online catalog. Sizes, selections and quantities are limited to shop earlier for the best selection. Promo ends April 30. To get your discount...
  9. Whitewater Kayaking
    Didn't see this posted already, maybe I missed it: Bomber Gear to Join Confluence Watersports Brand Portfolio Rick makes some sweet gear, I hope it works out for him and the gear quality stays up.
  10. Commercial Posts
    I am having an Oktober Fest sale on select winter specific products. Skirts, Poggies, and Thermal-wear all 35% off. If you need anything this winter... Rick
  11. Commercial Posts
    We are throwing down some great deals for 2010 Gauley Fest (9/17-9/20)! If you will be around be sure to stop by the booth and say, "Hi" and check out some great savings!
  12. Commercial Posts
    Bomber Gear is extending the “back to School sale” Skirts and drytops at $35 off!! I have been so impressed with how many people have been jumping on this deal that I decided to extend it for another week. Conceder it a stimulus plan for the paddlers. Thank you all Rick
  13. Commercial Posts
    Bomber Gear will be at Gore Fest, Let me know if anyone needs anything out there. I will be in the deal giving mood. Rick
  14. Commercial Posts
    Check out this great review I got from Darin Mcquid! River Lover » Blog Archive » Bomber Gear KBOMB Skirt
  15. Commercial Posts
    Type lovebomb in the coupon code and get %10 off of any of my products. Check my new website at Bomber Gear Rick Franken
  16. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I’ve seen some really awesome looking new sprayskirts on the new Bomber Gear website. They look sick! I've been hearing some really good things about the new Bomber Gear products but I've never used them. I don't think they're available is stores... only online. I was wondering if anybody has...
  17. Commercial Posts
    I got some new educational videos on my web site; such as how to trim a neck gasket and many others. I will be adding to them throughout the season. Check them out and let me know what you think. The 2010 sight is up and rolling. I even...
  18. Commercial Posts
    YES, I have the 2010 Bomber line in stock at TEN Mile Creek Kayaks. Check us out 10am-7pm Monday-Friday 9am-7pm Saturday-Sunday. Right of exit 201 off I70. TMCK
1-18 of 45 Results