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  1. Accessories
    I'm not particular about the brand, but 198-200cm paddle either bent or straight with a 30-45 degree offset. In the Golden, CO area.
  2. Accessories
    Custom Werner one-piece bent shaft with 0-degree offset,189 cm, $100 I am the original owner. I used this paddle a few years for playboating and river running, including a trip down the Grand. I loved the 0-degree offset because it was less work on my wrists for paddle placement. I am no...
  3. Lost & Found
    I left my Werner bent shaft carbon paddle at the boat ramp at Radium on Sunday 7/15.
  4. Lost & Found
    My AT Bentshaft Paddle with white blades is at the takeout above Supermax. The crew behind us found it and placed it there. I found someone elses Werner paddle to get out, thankfully. I've already called her and she's obviously stoked:) Anyone know how to gain access to the trail along the...
  5. Lost & Found
    Lost werner bent shaft paddle. Black. W/ yellow tape. Lost from truck bed during numbers shuttle on 5/19. Has contact info on it or plz respond to this post.or on pikepeakwhiewater fb page. Paddle is only child & well loved. Paddler high & dry until found.
  6. Lost & Found
    Werner Player Bent Shaft Kayak Paddle (Orange) lost on Fractions run 7/2/11
  7. Lost & Found
    Hopefully this will turn up - I lost it at the drop just before Mr Bill. My pal below me never saw it so I think it went deep and then maybe through Bill...??? I don't know, but would be real happy if anyone paddling BR would let me know if they see it/recover it. Name/Number/Email is on it...
  8. Whitewater Kayaking
    I just got a bent shaft paddle due to some wrist issues. I like the way it feels, but it's messing with my roll. I was taught to align my knuckles on my power hand (right in my case) with the blade on that side. But the comfortable position on the bent shaft seems to put my knuckles in a more...
  9. Whitewater Kayaking
    The guys at Sanborn Canoe Co. are at it again. A new paddle design and a new FREE TO ENTER DRAWING for a canoe paddle. Check outand enter the contest -
  10. Lost & Found
    Lost the paddle on elbow falls the evening of that Thurs. Thanks to the group that got my boat. It's a werner bent shaft with orange blades. 197cm I think. Should still have the paddle wax on the grips. TJ 303-358-5130
  11. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Hi, I am a new paddler and need to purchase a paddle. Do you recommend I purchase a straight or bent shaft paddle? I plan on doing river running and possibly some surf kayaking. Thanks!
  12. Lost & Found
    paddle was lost sun. aug 16 on dirt road from takeout, hecla junction to the put in a fisherman's bridge. Paddle came out of back of truck. some one had to find it. name was on both blades, Robb Barnes in black but very visible when light hits blades just right. dakine sticker on one blade...
  13. Lost & Found
    Lost Saturday Aug. 15 near take out of Hecla Junction and Fisherman's Bridge on the Arkansas River. Fell out of back of truck around 7 p.m. Paddle has black blades with yellow woven stripes on shaft. AT stickers on blades have, one small skeleton on one blade and a "dakine" sticker on the...
  14. Lost & Found
    Lost: Red AT Eddy Bent Shaft paddle on Numbers/Fractions/Frog Rock to Buena Vista on 5.24.09. Reward for return. My email address [email protected] is on the paddle! Thanks and passing the kharma your way plus some reward $$. Jeremy Boulder, CO 303 641 5762
  15. Lost & Found
    We lost a Black Mitchel bent shaft carbonfiber paddle on the Upper C Sunday July 13. It was lost above the Eye of The Needle arround noon. There is a bubble on the inside of one of the blades. It may be stuck up on the wall river left below the needle or neer the cave. Beer for reward and bootie...
  16. Lost & Found
    I lost my paddle in #7. Heck It may still be in there and luckily I'm not. Werner Bent Shaft "small" with green blades. Name and phone on it. Thanks - Scott 719-689-2383
  17. Lost & Found
    Has my name Brett on it, along with my cell number. Many beers headed your way. THanks!
  18. Lost & Found
    either in front of friends house in downtown durango or during shuttle on the florida my paddle went missing any info would be great (no questions asked), werner bent shaft player w/pogies thanx, clint
  19. Lost & Found
    I am still looking for a solid black carbon bent shaft paddle that was lost in a silly fiasco on Fractions a couple weeks ago. Miss it a lot, if you find please contact me at 970 214 2596 - I will do my best to make it worth your while. Jeff
1-19 of 26 Results