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  1. Backcountry Ethics - free-ride big mountain biking in Alaska/Yukon

    Whitewater Rafting
    I've recently been reading up on some beautiful rivers up in BC, Alaska, and the Yukon. In doing so I ran across a film (on youtube but it connect me to the red bull website) that bothered me. A bunch of downhill mountain bikers that ran the Tatshenshini River with their downhill bikes and a...
  2. Avalanche/backcountry class recommendations?

    Winter Buzz
    A friend of mine and I want to take an avalanche safety course, and possibly a backcountry class too. We both live in Fort Collins. We are currently looking at these two: Does anyone have...
  3. Sues Anyone Who Uses "Backcountry" in Name

    Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    I don't normally post political or philosophical comments on MB and avoid getting into spats with other. But this just pissed me off. Its just wrong! a year ago filed for trademarks protecting the word “backcountry” for all sorts of outdoor gear as the online retailer...
  4. Raft Sale

    Rafting | Gear Talk
    FYI: Backcountry has 20% off one item purchase now. You can get an Aire 16 DD for $4,200 and free shipping (Save $1000). There are tributary's and other Aire boats too. Good deals to be had.
  5. Rafting + backcountry skiing combo trip?

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    Hey Y'all, My buddy and I have dreamed up this wild idea: We want to try to combine a multi-day winter river trip with some riverside backcountry skiing. So, we are trying to find a river somewhere in the west that is at an elevation with significant winter time snowfall, has access points...
  6. Looking for partners for easy front range backcountry.

    Winter Buzz
    I'm trying to make up my mind whether to invest in a serious backcountry outfit, and as part of figuring it out, would like to try a few outings in places like the easy parts of Berthoud Pass. I have tele gear and skins, and can ski resort blacks competently, if not without trepidation. I'm...
  7. GARNA backcountry presentation

    Winter Buzz
    Backcountry Basics Tips to say safe in the winter backcountry First Presbyterian Church of Salida 7 Poncha Blvd., Salida Discovery Room - enter through the main doors in the lower parking lot off of 3rd Street $5 GARNA members, $7 non, If you have any questions, please contact the office...
  8. New Backcountry Hut at the top of Weston Pass

    Winter Buzz
    I just wanted to let everyone know that I and a few other folks just constructed a backcountry hut at the top of Weston Pass. We are now booking it out for backcountry ski trips. It is pretty quick access from the front range and can accommodate large groups. I'm happy to answer any questions...
  9. FYI- McCall Aviation - No Longer doing Backcountry Charters

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    Just a heads up for those making plans up that way this season. A disappointing surprise, no doubt. They said they lost their lease this year on their backcountry aircraft and will not be flying into any dirt strips anymore. Here is the list they provided of other suggested charter services...
  10. san juan backcountry

    Winter Buzz
    I got spots out the wazoo N up 550, the la platas', red mountain... but i am in pagosa now, and need to find some good hike to terrain over this side. ill share first. North side of Root Creek, la plata canyon ( nice open tree run) drive up the canyon and its like a 2 hr hike from from the...
  11. IDAHO backcountry ski/snowboard Film

    Winter Buzz
    Found this sick film from Seven Devils Films out of McCall, Idaho the other day on Youtube. This is all from 2011 filmed in the idaho backcountry, I thought i would post this on the buzz for people to enjoy. These guys are having a great time riding some sick stuff. The film is called "Native"...
  12. Vagabond Ranch Backcountry video.

    Winter Buzz
    Here's the goods from Vagabond. Up by Granby, CO Untitled on Vimeo Mike Duffy Avalanche education for mountain riders.
  13. Backcountry Boot Camp at Vagabond Ranch

    Commercial Posts
    :DBackcountry Boot Camp. Fun, unintimidating introduction to backcountry skiing/boarding at Vagabond Ranch with avalanche education. You will be riding this terrain! Untitled on Vimeo February 13-15, 2013 $190. ; or call 303-242-5338
  14. cody, wy backcountry

    Winter Buzz
    going up to cody to find some snow and skiing. we are hauling up the snowmobiles to go look at north fork highway and bear tooth area and big horns. any one know of any zones that would be filled in yet? i dont want to know where the best secret pillow lines are i just want to know where to go...
  15. Grand Mesa Backcountry?

    Winter Buzz
    I enjoy xc skiing on the Mesa but have been curious about the backcountry above Powderhorn. Anyone have a snow report for the area or some advice about where to ski. Hoping to head up there this Sunday. Looks like there is some decent aspen skiing above the sled hill. Thanks for any info
  16. Backcountry Access Avy Airbag Consumer Demo

    Partner's Forum
    Hey Buzz, We are hosting a BCA consumer clinic on Wednesday Dec 5th. Yeah thats tonight! 6pm-till?? Andy from BCA will be here at the shop, deploying and demonstrating the latest in avy rescue technology. You can read all the details here from our most recent shop e-mail. BCA Consumer Demo...
  17. Any backcountry near Denver?

    Winter Buzz
    Friends and I hope to do some backcountry skiing on 12/8. Does anyone know of a location within 2 hours drive time of Denver that might have some snow?
  18. Backcountry ski tour around Cody, WY on Presidents' Day

    Winter Buzz
    I am a grad student collecting data in the Wind/Bighorn Basin. I am wondering if anybody knows of any relatively close ski tours, and if they would want to go out on Presidents Day (Monday Feb. 20th). I am a competent backcountry skier with all of the gear. Really I am more interested in the...
  19. Backcountry Helper for hire

    Commercial Posts
    Would you like to enjoy MORE of your vacation? We will do all the cooking and cleaning for your backcountry trip. We can follow your 5 day mountain bike trip as a support vehicle or chase you down the San Jaun river. Heading to Canyonlands for some offroading? We're there for you! We are not a...
  20. backcountry for kids

    Winter Buzz
    Buzzards, We will be celebrating the big 40 for my hubby, and another father, with a three family hut trip to Chuck's on top of Vail Pass. The kids, four of them, will range in age from 8 to 12. We are looking for kid size solutions for the skin in and some mellow skiing. So far, for our...