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  1. Winter Buzz
    Where do you folks get your backcountry information to help plan trips into the backcountry? Admittedly I am not savvy in the fine aspects of winter backcountry travel, but I have basic understands of the hazards involved, I am just looking to expand my available pool of knowledge.
  2. Winter Buzz
    If you have any interest what-so-ever in backcountry skiing, the motives that drive us to explore untracked terrain and the consequences of our decisions then I would encourage you to read this extremely well written, multi-piece article chronicling the events surrounding the Tunnel Creek...
  3. Whitewater Kayaking
    On the low side of runnable, was thinking about heading in there for an after work romp sometime this week maybe... Anyone run it this year yet? Wood hazards? I think I ran it last year down to 600 and it seemed to be alright but I can't remember. Any beta would be great, thnx
  4. Winter Buzz
    Colorado avalanche danger worst in 30 years — inside and outside of ski areas, experts say - The Denver Post just in case this isn't already abundantly clear.
  5. Winter Buzz
    very sad to hear. in a normal year I ski this run a lot. The Durango Herald 02/16/2012 | Man dies in avalanche near Wolf Creek
  6. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    I'm looking for someone to boat with tomorrow afternoon in the roaring fork drainage. Give me a holler. Morgan
  7. River Access & Safety Alerts!
    There is a river wide tree fallen across the creek at OBJ. Ok, well, its more of a river at current flows. The tree is below the '8 footer'....after the drop but above the next slide. It kind of screws the run as its right in the middle. It's not a huge diameter tree so it should be removable...
  8. Winter Buzz
    So, I'm looking to get a beacon and need recommendations. I'd like to pick up a used one to save some cash, but don't want something obsolete or incompatible with other beacons. Which kick ass? Which suck?
  9. Partner's Forum
    CAIC BENEFIT BASH: November 13th, 2010 Presented By: Backcountry Access, Voile-USA, Vail Resorts Echo, and New Belgium Brewing Company We are proud to announce the 3rd Annual CAIC Benefit Bash. It will be held November 13th, 2010 at the Breckenridge Riverwalk Center. 5pm-10pm. This year's...
  10. Winter Buzz
    Hello All 3 people have already been hit by avalanches in the San Juans this past weekend! Here is the list of courses and events for the upcoming winter season. We are also doing a speaker series in conjunction with the courses. Check our website for details and email me if you have any...
  11. Winter Buzz
    Friends of Berthoud Pass is proud to continue our free, high quality avalanche awareness courses for the 2010-11 season. Bob Tomsky, aka ‘Bobski’, the former Berthoud Pass Ski Patrol Avalanche Training Director, will provide backcountry travelers with a classroom overview of avalanche...
  12. Winter Buzz
    By popular demand, another avy lecture. | Friends of Berthoud Pass Friends of Berthoud Pass, in association with the University of Denver Alpine Club, is proud to continue our low cost FREE, high quality avalanche awareness courses for the 2009-‘10 season. On February 17, 2010 in Sturm Hall...
  13. Winter Buzz
    The Watch Newspapers - UPDATED Feb 12 6 50 p m Avalanche Fatality Identified as Manitou Springs Man Condolences to all involved - be careful out there.
  14. Winter Buzz
    In the last couple months I've seen a trend in those getting caught in the backcountry near by. The victims of recent avalanches have all been guys in the forties. When you think of back country, is this the demographic you see getting caught up and hurt or killed? For me, I see younger...
  15. Winter Buzz
    I heard this weekend that at the end of last week There was a large triggered avalanche that took marble bowl. Caic rep Brian said this was the second close call up there this season. Has anyone seen it or been up there since. Just wondering how much slid. Be careful out there took an avy class...
  16. Winter Buzz | Denver | Colorado's Online News Leader | Man survives avalanche at Loveland Pass This guy should hve to drink a booty beer. A swim is a swim.
  17. Winter Buzz
    In the holiday spirit, we've decided that December 15th at the Oriental Theater is going to be an avalanche class AND holiday party, with proceeds to benefit Denver-area non-profits like the Denver Rescue Mission and Mount St Vincent's Children's Home. We've been collecting a $5 donation at the...
  18. Winter Buzz
    So, I have been looking online for Level 1 avy classes around CO and noticed that they generally follow the same AIARE, AAA, AMGA curriculum, and cost about the same. Since in live in Glenwood, I was thinking about taking this course through Aspen Expeditions. Has anyone taken this course...
  19. Winter Buzz
    Heads up for the final Boulder and Golden classes tonight and tomorrow. We're taking a much needed extended Thanksgiving break from fund raising and teaching, but will be back at it in December and January with classes in Denver and Winter Park. Remember, in order to take the on-snow you must...
  20. Winter Buzz
    Avalanche class tonight in Boulder at CU. 7:00-10:00 in Hellems 252. Details about the on-snow in Feb are available at the classroom session. YOU MUST ATTEND A CLASSROOM TO REGISTER FOR THE ON-SNOW. We're asking for a $5 donation and suggest you bring a friend. They'll thank you for it...
1-20 of 45 Results