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  1. Advice on Main Salmon in August

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    Buzzards, I'm considering putting together my first Salmon trip, and I think I'm relegated to August due to my schedule. I'm considering a couple options--the general vicinity of North Fork to Corn Creek, and Vinegar Down to Slate Creek or so. Based on the forums I've read, it sounds like the...
  2. LOST: Olympic Tough camera on Main Salmon August 19

    Lost & Found
    LOST: Red Olympic Tough T3 camera in black neoprene case at Carey Creek takeout on Main Salmon on August 19. Camera has little value but photos are PRICELESS! Hoping for some river karma. Please contact [email protected] if you found it.
  3. Room to take canoe from Santa Fe/4 Corners to Boise in August?

    Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    Looking for options to get a 14' Dagger Caption tandem canoe to Boise or McCall, ID (Ketchum?) between 1 August and 4 September. Joining ID river trip and trying to avoid carbon footprint of driving solo. Definitely have way to transport canoe back in late September, so just need way to get it...
  4. Yampa in October, Lodore August flows.

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    I see from the calendar that the Yampa if full up through November. Do people really run it that low. On another note, is there a projection for what the flows below the dam on the Green will be for August.
  5. Grand Canyon Trip August?

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    Hi River Famliy, I am looking for a 1-2 spots on a Grand Canyon trip in August 2019. I know that's last minute but hoping to hop on a trip that has maybe had a last minute cancelation or needs/wants an extra crew member. I am both capable and experienced on the river, great with groover...
  6. What did I miss? FS proposal to close MF Salmon in August?

    River Access & Safety Alerts!
    So did I miss this discussion when I was up to my ears in Idaho powder? Thursday night I got a mangled description of a bill being proposed by the FS that buried deep in the fine print had a complete August closure for river corridor/wilderness protection. The local guiding industry got wind...
  7. Road Trip in August?

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    We (and our whole group) struck out on the lottery. We’ve been successful in the cancellation pick up in years past but I get tired of the constant website checking. We are thinking of doing a car camping road trip and hitting multiple day trip runs over a week. Years ago we would do this...
  8. Middle Fork Salmon late August

    Whitewater Rafting
    Brand new member here and my first post. Wondering if we are asking for trouble attempting this adventure. A buddy and I received a non-commercial permit for the Middle Fork starting August 24th. Neither one of us (both in our mid-60's) have been on western rivers. Mostly flatwater canoeing...
  9. Anyone running Westwater on Monday August 6th?

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    Hey, I'm working in Telluride this weekend and was thinking about taking a detour to Westwater. Looks like all the spots are filled (according to the Calendar) so I'd have to go with another group. I'd prefer a day trip, but would consider an Overnight too (I have my camping stuff with me)...
  10. Grand Canyon, Colorado River Flows - August and September

    Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    This is a July 27, 2018, update from Paul Davidson at Glen Canyon Dam. The release volume from Glen Canyon Dam for August, 2018, will be 900,000 acre-feet. Hourly releases during August are anticipated to fluctuate between approximately 10,500 cfs in the nighttime and 18,500 cfs in the...
  11. Family looking for Main Salmon Trip in Mid August?

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    HI there. Family of four from Canada looking to join a Main Salmon trip mid to late August. Lots of rafting experience, been down Main a couple of times. I have an 18 foot NRS with everything to outfit a trip. I work as a Guide and Avalanche forecaster in the winter and EMT in summers. Taught...
  12. Looking to join MF family trip early Aug.

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    Very experienced former Middle Fork guide looking to join an early August Middle Fork trip with my two daughters 13 and 16. They are great with younger kids and it seems like sometimes everyone wants to ride with us or them. Flexible but would need to be off the river by the 12th or 13th at the...
  13. Yampa (Dino) in early August?

    Whitewater Rafting invited on a friends permit. Wondering how brutal are the skeeters then, and if there is even enough water to get down it then? TIA - Pine
  14. Late August Rogue

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    Buddy pulled a late August Rogue this season. I have never ran this section and would appreciate anyone's input on this trip that time of year. Water levels, previous experiences, tips & tricks. Thank You!
  15. Any interest in being PATL for August 2023 (!) GC trip off waitlist?

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    I signed up for the GC waitlist 25+ years ago, and just got a letter offering me a chance to pre-schedule a trip. I have to respond quickly with a list of proposed dates and PATLs. I am going to apply for a mid-August 2023 launch, 5 years in the future due to my kids' ages. My understanding...
  16. Grand Canyon, Colorado River Flows - August, September, October

    Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    Grand Canyon, Colorado River Flows - August, September, and October The release volume from Glen Canyon Dam for August, 2017, will be 900,000 acre-feet. Hourly releases during August, 2017, are anticipated to fluctuate between approximately 10,000 cfs in the nighttime and 18,000 cfs in the...
  17. Grand Canyon Flow Update August-October 2017

    Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    RRFW Riverwire – Glen Canyon Dam Update Aug 24, 2017 Current Status The April to July 2017 unregulated inflow to Lake Powell was 8.17 million acre-feet (maf) (114% of average). The unregulated inflow in July was 1.073 maf (117% of average). The release volume from Glen Canyon Dam in...
  18. FREE - RH Reservations for August 12-14

    Rafting | Trip Planner
    We can't use our Ruby Horsethief reservations this weekend for Saturday night at Cottonwood 3 and Sunday night at Black Rocks 4. First person to respond that can put them to good use gets them. Price is free. Enjoy!
  19. Demo Boats at Gore Fest, August 25-27

    Whitewater Kayaking
    4Corners Riversports will be attending Gore Fest this year. We have room for a few demo boats if anyone is interested. 9R, Nirvana, Machno, Karma UL, Braaap etc. Anone have something in particular they'd like to demo? Let us know, so we can make sure to bring it with. Just remember, you break...
  20. Ruby Horsethief - August 13th - 15th

    Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    Hello rafters, My wife and I have campsite permits on the Ruby Horsethief for Sunday night August 13th and Monday night August 14th. We have Cottonwood 5 and Black Rocks 5. We're coming from Boulder and will leave here around 7:30am and put in at RimRock adventures in Fruita around noon or 1pm...