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  1. River Access & Safety Alerts!
    Anybody ran the Upper recently? Any beta would be appreciated. Many, many thanks.
  2. Whitewater Kayaking
    Sorry for the silly question. We are coming to Durango for the Ironhorse Bike race. In previous year, I have brought a playboat and a Surf SUP. The kids watch while I surf for a few hours. The snowpack is really low this year. And more dismal the further south you get in the Rockies. I do...
  3. Rafting | Trip Planner
    Hey fellow rafters. i am new to the sport and just did the Moab daily as a first ride last weekend and had a blast. I was planning on heading to Durango this weekend to run the town run on the animas, as it is usually class II-III. 3 days ago the river was 1,700 cfs and now it is at 750...
  4. River Access & Safety Alerts!
    R2'd from 14th Street in Silverton thru Rockwood Sunday April 29. 3 issues with trees. Just above cement creek the river has cut into the river right bank and into a growing tree that blocks 90% of the channel at 175 cfs. Will only be worse at higher flows, definitely no rafts, kayaks with...
  5. Whitewater Rafting
    Hey, I'm a reporter for the local paper in Durango (and a boater), and I'm working on a story about a local group's effort to promote boating, as well as access, on the Animas River, on the stretch from Durango down to Farmington. I'm hoping to find and speak with people who've run that...
  6. Boaters Forum | General Boating Topics
    Following the Gold King Mine Spill, the San Juan Clean Water Coalition added specific objectives to their mission to include supporting the Superfund site cleanup near Silverton. Recently, they have created a workgroup to represent various regional stakeholders to help direct the EPA as they...
  7. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    I am staying in Pagosa Springs till the 18th. I am looking for someone or people to run the Animas with while I am here. Also looking to run the San Juan through Pagosa. It looks like a real mellow float, but I haven't run this section so I would like to check it out. Let me know if your...
  8. Rafting | Trip Planner
    I am staying in Pagosa Springs until the 18th. I brought my ducky and I am looking for someone or some people to boat the Animas with. Let me know if you're interested. Sent from my iPhone using Mountain Buzz
  9. Lost & Found
    Found a kayak on the Upper Animas in the Rockwood section on 7/14/17. Hauled it downstream then out of the gorge and back to Durango. Identify the boat and contents and it's yours.
  10. Lost & Found
    Found a few days ago. PM me to identify and claim.
  11. Lost & Found
    left 2 pfds just below santa rita at the big rock eddie on river left (you know the spot)... one green well used, brand? one red, newer....again cant remember the brand, maybe kokotat? thanks for looking... j
  12. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    Looking to paddle the Upper Animas through Rockwood this week before it gets any lower. Let me know if you're interested!!
  13. Lost & Found
    My buddy flipped his ducky in Corner pocket on the Animas and lost 2 Werner paddles with yellow blades. Give a holler if you find them. Thanks. Tim [email protected]
  14. Lost & Found
    Found on animas just down stream of low bridge. Relatively new NRS paddle. Was part of what looked like a matched set but was only able to corral one. Tell me your story here and I'll get try to get it back to you.
  15. Kayaking | Trip Planner
    A friend and I are looking to do this run on Wednesday or Thursday. I've done the upper at a high flow but skipped the box, so finding someone who knows the lines would be great! Thanks! [email protected] 423-715-7193
  16. Rafting | Trip Planner
    Howdy, Cat boater wanting to get on the Upper Animas sometime this summer, basically a kayaking buddy and I would like to do a light overnight trip. I have read a few posts on the buzz about the logistics of the Animas. Based on the info gathered from the Buzz its best to run the Upper A and...
  17. Rafting | Trip Planner
    Looking for weekend OAR float trips for class 2/3 rapids. I am planning to take some OAR lessons with one of the Durango outfitters in coming weeks. Would like to get out to water few times. Rentals available in kremlin for OAR frame. Need people to chip in. I am open to any suggestions or...
  18. Whitewater Kayaking
    I am newer to kayaking. I have an older jackson 4fun. I have a pretty decent roll and go to the open pool session at the rec center on Tuesdays. I am learning to surf and enjoy trying to catch every eddy and wave as I go down the river to try and improve. I am looking for other like minded...
  19. Whitewater Rafting
    I am hanging around by myself in Durango this weekend. Couldn't help but notice that the Animas is on the rise the last day or so. I have my Mini Me with an oar frame handy. Wondering if anybody knows of a shuttle service, or if any local Buzzards could help me move a truck to a takeout? I have...
1-19 of 297 Results