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  1. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    What would be a good deal for a lightly used dagger agent 6.2, Werner paddle, spray skirt, and helmet?
  2. Whitewater Kayaking
    Check out the latest update from WhereIsBaer, Paddling the illegal Rio "Blanco" in Argentina. Where is Baer ?: Rio "Blanco"
  3. Whitewater Kayaking
    Just got the Dagger Agent this week. I got a good deal on it and I dont have a seat raiser or the IR overthuster. I also have the dagger kingkin icon 6.4. I can hang roll like no tomorrow in the Icon but I took my new agent out yesturday and i can't hand roll it for nothing. Anyone else have...
  4. Lost & Found
    I took a swim in Clear Creek just below Tunnel 1 on August 3rd. When I was recovering my paddle, my boat turned the corner and hasn't been seen since. The boater I was with finished the run and said he couldn't find the boat. If you have seen or heard anything, please call (303) 319-3919.
  5. Whitewater Kayaking
    I have 5 welds on my Jefe. They are all holding except one under the seat. I have heard that you can use a certain type of roofing tape, G-Flex, and other things that I have forgotten the name of. What is the best stuff to use, and where is the best place to look for it at.
  6. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    hey all-- bought a dagger agent used last summer, and the center console dealio has come apart from the hull--looks like it was originally just a "spot" or "tack" welded strip couple inches long on either side, just at the knees, holding it to the hull floor--not nearly strong enough imho...
  7. Whitewater Kayaking
    Hi! My name is Lorenzo and I'm new in this forum... I'd like to know advices to pick the right model of a Dagger Agent. I live in Italy (in Tuscany) and unfortunately I have no chance to try a demo boat... I'm 6,2 and 185, an dI really can't decide whether to order a 6.2 or a 6.4...
  8. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Lookinf for some beta on these 2 boat contrasts & comparisons how the perform from playboating to river running. I recently read a similar thread about kingpin vs agent. Looking for a similar type of review about handling characteristics of these two boats. thanks !
  9. Whitewater Kayaking
    Hello, does anyone have some feedback on how the Kingpin compares to the Agent as far as just surfing and spinning. Am also curious if the ease of rolling them differs? Thanks...
  10. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how the Dagger Agent 6.4 performs on flat water. I currently have a Prijon Delerium and I can do some pretty nice bow stalls with it and was wondering how the Agent 6.4 performs on flat water. My friends and I spend alot of time at the local river just...
  11. Whitewater Kayaking
    I'm leaving for Ecuador on Tuesday morning, and I was hoping to pick up a used kayak bag that would fit the large dagger agent. If anybody has one within a reasonable drive from Fort Collins, I would like to take a look. Peter Stromberg -- 970-402-1319
  12. Kayaking | Gear Talk
    I have a Project 52, but I'm a little underweight for it. I can get in my sons Star (46 gallons) and really throw it around well, but I'm a little heavy for it, especially on rivers. I've tried the All-Star (54 gallons) and it's got more volume than I want. So I'm thinking a boat around 50...
  13. Whitewater Kayaking
    The winner of the Dagger Agent 6.4 awarded to the top fundraiser at The Pueblo Paddle-A-Thon {as seen in this photo July 17, 2008} has donated the boat back to the event and would like to trade it for a sizable donation to First Descents. The Agent sells for approximately $925 and we'd like...
  14. Whitewater Kayaking
    Hey all, I am debating between the Agent and the Superstar this season and need some input. I playboat at a pretty decent level, surfing, loops, downriver maneuvers and I plan to use this boat for most everything except the few fives and sparse creekboating that I will run this season. Is the...
  15. Whitewater Kayaking
    It is true, there are still 8 months until the 2008 edition of the Pueblo Paddle-A-Thon (Sponsored by The Pueblo Paddlers) to benefit First Descents but there is good news already! Dagger has come on board and donated the Agent 6.4 that you see in the photo. The top three fundraisers will get to...
  16. Whitewater Kayaking
    Anyone out there who paddles and Agent have any problems with their outfitting? I demoed one the other day and the back band kept coming loose. I like the boat but it was driving me nuts. Anyone change the backband on their agent?
  17. Whitewater Kayaking
    Dan just sent me this link. Pretty funny stuff. He has been using his Agent on some high water runs in the North West and put this together. The Dagger Agent with Dan Caldwell |
  18. Betty Buzz
    Which do you think? I happen to be very small, 110 pounds 5'6.5". I'd use it for the play park and maybe running the rivers too. Thanx:confused:
  19. Whitewater Kayaking
    I am 6' 190 with size 13 feet and I saw it mentioned that with a little modifing someone managed to fit someone who was 6'4" in the Agent 6.2 but it wasnt mentioned about their shoe size. Can anyone shed some light on this sizing? I know weight wise I should go with the 6.4 but I am used to...
1-19 of 32 Results