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  1. Whitewater Kayaking
    Hi, I see there is a lot of good info on the North Platte - Northgate Canyon area on the forums. Specifically wanted to get some input/advice on our plans to see what experience has taught you guys. We are fairly new white water boaters -have done some class II's on river and white water parks...
  2. River Access & Safety Alerts!
    Colorado River access at Shoshone Power Plant (Mile Point 123) in Glenwood Canyon will be closed all day on Monday, June 15 for construction crews to complete unsound concrete repairs. This means I-70 traffic will not be able to use the Shoshone exit during that time. Please read the latest...
  3. Whitewater Rafting
    Hey Buzzards, I'm a little early with this, but I thought I'd go ahead and ask . . . I just picked up a cancellation permit for the Main Salmon with a June 24 launch date. Has anyone heard whether 5 Mile Bar/Buckskin Bill's has any COVID-19 concerns about having people stop by? They are...
  4. Rafts and Accessories
    50% of new retail NRS cat frame new $700 NRS stern fishing seat mount $200. Has never been used. Casting platform new $150. Has never been used. Low seat and mount $100 located Bellevue WA
  5. Rafting | Trip Planner
    Headed to the N. Platte for several days of camping/rafting. I have a family with young kids and the N. Gate section is a touch too hairy for us. So... we're going to launch at 6 mile. Yes... I know it is not easy. I've launched from 6 mile campground before and carried (yeah... shitty) all...
  6. Rafts and Accessories
    Moving to Arizona need to down size on the river equipment. Other gear priced at 50% of new price NRS cat frame new $700 NRS stern fishing seat mount $200. Has never been used. Casting platform new $150. Has never been used. Low seat and mount $100 Flat day rowing frame $400 Located in...
  7. River Access & Safety Alerts!
    With the easing of restrictions on 5/3 have they opened the gate to the Dryden Diversion Dam parking lot? Thanks, Jack
  8. River Access & Safety Alerts!
    Hey Buzzards. I have a May 30 permit. I've called the Ranger station and been told they have not made any decisions about launches but they are plowing the road this week. The warm weather has started the run-off in earnest - about 9 ft today. I'm hoping if the weather holds for a while the...
  9. River Access & Safety Alerts!
    Does anyone know if access to the Yampa Cross Mountain run is open? I couldn't find anything specific on the CO BLM site and am not clear if the take out is part of Dino (which I know is closed).
  10. River Access & Safety Alerts!
    The I-70 Glenwood Canyon head-to-head detour is expected to begin Friday, April 3. For the latest travel times, please call (970) 618-5379. Plan extra travel time as delay times will vary depending on travel volumes and please zipper merge by using both lanes to the merge point. View packet...
  11. River Access & Safety Alerts!
    I waited as long as I could to start this thread. I need something to check daily and a shred of hope for my 5/24 launch, so here goes. There are obviously extra access issues and considerations this year. Ideally this thread can proceed as it has in years past with a focus on road access...
  12. Rafting | Gear Talk
    ...I got really tired of having to get out of my seat and unrig the cooler lid every time I needed a cold beverage. Here is a what I came up with. The only coolers I could find that would fit in my boat (NRS Otter 140) in this configuration were Engel dry box coolers. Everything else was either...
  13. Rafts and Accessories
    Coleman stove in good shape. Sent back to Coleman two seasons ago to have them put new burners in and service. Extra regulator. Mountainsmith Hotbox carrier. Fits the stove perfectly and whatever else you want to throw into it. $55 takes it all.
  14. Rafts and Accessories
    New NRS Bighorn 1 54" x 68" frame with seat and NRS straps that come with it. 2 NRS superston oar locks w/ springs.(3) Cataract 8' SGG shafts with (3) 7" Cataract Magnum blades. 2 NRS oar rights, 2 NRS molded sleeve. NRS frame Bench seat also included. This entire package is all basically new...
  15. Rafts and Accessories
    See new listing for updated price.
  16. Rafts and Accessories
    Here is a bundle of stuff at great price. Nrs rescue bag took on one day run never deployed Nrs bow line on boat frame for a season nice condition Oar stops new Cargo floor 35" x 26" new Nrs high speed inflator model lvm 110/ nwr 12 volt probably used on 5-6 trips good condition All for $...
  17. Rafts and Accessories
    16' Aire Cataraft Jagarundi in good condition DRE Deso XD double rail 5-Bay Cataraft frame with: Diamond plate captain's floor Custom alum. Deck/Table Oar supports Captain's chair Kick bar/foot brace Custom Poly side decks Moving sale price $2,200!
  18. River Access & Safety Alerts! New Mexico's Game and Fish Commission is attempting to institute a rule that would allow riverfront property owners to "certify," that rivers running through their property are non-navigable and therefore subject to criminal trespass for boating. There was a...
  19. River Access & Safety Alerts!
  20. Rafts and Accessories
    Thought I'd try one last time.Photos,details,price,please.thanks
1-20 of 261 Results