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Showcase cover image for Aire Cougar frame project

General Information

Aire Cougar
Rafting Gear
Frame using NRS components
This is the first river trial. Design is not complete. This worked pretty well. Notice the rowing position is far forward with the heavy cargo loaded in the center of the raft. That's how you load an airplane. Here it is being done for maneuverability - the moment arm of the weight about the center of the raft wants to be small so it can turn easily.

For the moment the 77qt Lifetime cooler is my seat but a tractor seat mount is planned. Rear cargo bag to be replaced with a hung floor

Here's an early sketch without the all the cross tubes

Here's a photo of the front frame section. I ended up moving the oars two inches further forward and moving the yellow boxes back. A wood floor is held rigidly by the curved tubes in front of my feet. That floor exceeded expectations.


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