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      If you are ok with grey, Harbor Freight sells or at least used to sell "fatigue" mats. They are more or less minicell foam with a diamond tread pattern on one side. They come 36" wide and I have had one glued to the top of my dry box for years and it is still going strong and holding up amazingly. I think it was ~$5 or so. I bought a few. Still have some hanging around. Its about .5" thick

      Edit to add link: EVA foam
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      I use the Harbor Freight fatigue mats on the tops and bottoms of my dry boxes...relatively inexpensive at $9.95 each and the 3m 77 or 90 adhesive. Anti-Fatigue Roll Mat
      Exactly what I was going to recommend except I use these minicell mats... Anti-Fatigue Foam Mat Set, 4 Pc.. They are a little thicker then the ones you linked but you maybe have to connect two pieces for longer boxes. I like em... and one pack is enough to do a bunch of dryboxes.

      I have this on all of my boxes(two 37x16x16 and two 14x14x6 dryboxes) and it holds up and stays stuck. I actually bring a can of the 3M High 90 spray on the longer trips in my repair kit since it works really for a ton of different applications. The 3M 77 Spray is a bit milder but also works super well. I'm sure something like Weldwood or Barge Cement would work great too if you don't like a spray on adhesive.

      Seadeck is more durable and has a peel and stick backing...but its A LOT more expensive. Comes in a bunch of colors and textures too.

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