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      If people are worried about aluminum rubbing off (and I am OCD enough that I don't like it) then pick up a roll of 3" Surface Guard tape from Amazon. I lined the bottom of all my rails with this and it keeps most of the oxidation from rubbing off on my boat.
      50 bucks for a roll of tape and it only keeps the black "mostly" off?!

      Use Gorilla tape and it willl cost a lot less and keep the black entirely off. There is a thread around here somewhere about it.
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      I bought a frame and 2 oars from Gary 2 years ago. It was a great deal, well made and he responded in a reasonable time frame. Okieboater is correct. Gary has a day job and builds out of his garage. He also tries to get out on the rivers. Hopefully nothing serious has happened from a health or lifestyle aspect. That would be sad.

      One comment about his frames. They are not anodized - he thinks that weakens the aluminum. I'm OCD and don't like the black on my boat so last year I bought a roll of 3" Frame tape and put it on the bottom of all my frame pipes. It kept the boat relatively clean, though not perfect, through 2 seasons.

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