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      Do not buy this blanket I used to have it and every time you walk on it or fold it you can see little fiberglass particulates flying in The wind. Bad news. You can get other welding blankets just make sure it's not fiberglass. I've been through several welding blankets and finally bought a real fire blanket from DRE and its way better than any of the welding blankets.
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      Harbor Freight sells a cheap-o fire blanket that I recon would atleast last a few trips: 6 Ft x 8 Ft Fiberglass Welding Blanket

      I buy a few 'nicer' blankets for torching/demo jobs a year from a local welding supply shop, but they're on account and I've no idea what they actually cost. IIRC it's around $90 though.

      Something I do when torching or cutting directly over a blanket is to soak it with water. Cuts down on the little pin holes and such, and generally makes em' last a bit longer.

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