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      My favorite way of dealing with coffee grounds is to use disposable cotton tea bags like these: 400 Pack Disposable Drawstring Tea Filter Bags Safe & Natural Unbleached Paper Tea Infuser Drawstring Empty Bag for Loose Leaf Tea (Natural Color One Size): Kitchen & Dining

      2 of them loosely filled works great for an old percolator pot and makes clean up a snap.
      A friend does something similar, but I think he just sews up "socks" from moire or similar fabric. He can pack them at home before a trip. His trick is to fill the coffee kettle with cold water the night before and let the coffee socks soak all night. In the morning, he leaves them in and just heats up the kettle until it's serving temperature. It's actually pretty good coffee.

      I like to set the grounds out in the sun for a while, if possible, to get them just a little dryer before they go in compost or trash.
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