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  1. Ditching with a Nitrosister
  2. Interview with World Champ Ruth Gordon
  3. New Nitrosister Video
  4. Need gear!
  5. Better Boat?
  6. Paddling tomorrow July 5
  7. kayak help
  8. A Mother's Story
  9. Chicas! Check out the new post!
  10. Lost Werner Paddle
  11. amanda peterson are you out there?
  12. Liquidlogic Ladies: second descent of Kenobi Gorge...
  13. Need someone to paddle with in JH WY
  14. What is a good starter boat for a chica-
  15. Lower Animas on Sunday
  16. A question (or 10) for all you West gurus
  17. Class IV Female Needed For Sat June 9th
  18. Wednesday Evening Paddle on the Poudre
  19. Wednesday eve paddle
  20. New to Boulder, paddling...
  21. New to Denver area
  22.'s what I overheard Sunday morning
  23. Wavesport Fuse or Jackson Fun 1.5?
  24. Kayaking and motherhood. Are they compatible?
  25. Women's Drysuit Info Needed
  26. Boating buddies in Durango
  27. Rivergirl Garden Party & Play Clinic
  28. Class II+ boaters around Boulder
  29. Bow stall?
  30. SWR class this past weekend
  31. Project 45 or Agent 6.0?
  32. Fort Collins ladies apres work boating
  33. Womens Week in Norway..
  34. Mariann sends in a report from Canada and NY
  35. Creek boat for small paddler
  36. Help w/ helmet
  37. New grrrlpaddler- Durango
  38. Gore? or anything, really...
  39. Learn to Teach kayaking and reach more women!
  40. Katie Scott in Chile /Creek photos
  41. Team D update from Mariann.
  42. Anna's new forum on Girls at Play site
  43. Anna Levesque at Canoecopia. Interview about Girls at Play..
  44. Which Jackson Fun?
  45. Kingpin Icon 6.1 for petite woman
  46. Costa Rica info needed
  47. i know it's asked a lot but, what boat to get???
  48. Womens Kayak-Specific Swift Water Rescue Class
  50. durango pool sessions?
  51. cold hands?
  52. What boat to get...?
  53. CW Mental Toughness Class starts Feb. 11
  54. Deep Thoughts
  55. Female Raft Guides
  56. typical 2nd year progression?
  57. Quit kayaking?
  59. Difference between men and women kayakers of the same size
  60. Read about the Green Race from a Women's Perspective!
  61. How I got my daugter into Kayaking
  62. Opinions from ladies on the Pyranha Stretch
  63. kayak models for my daughter
  64. Help for my daughter.
  65. Helmets for small heads?
  66. Cheers to the Front Range Ladies
  67. New posts from the Ladies at Liquidlogic Kayaks!! COOL STUFF
  68. Ecuador Advice
  69. Winter...Big Butts and Cartwheels
  70. Girls at Play, Anna Levesque Interview
  71. New Water Users Message Board
  72. Winter shape!
  73. boater chicks in Steamboat??
  74. Ladies who like to boat Clear Creek?
  76. Mexico trip report
  77. Teenagers
  78. Hi from idaho
  79. BettyBuzz Rocks!
  80. Looking for motivated and articulate boater bettys
  81. Boat choices?
  82. Calling all the ladies...
  83. This one's for the girls