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Lost & Found

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  1. Lost AT flexi bent shaft paddle with pogies
  2. lost cable and lock at Clear Clear (ark) take out
  3. LOST: Guide gear at Fish Bridge Saturday 6/18/16
  4. Lost: Dark blue helmet and red dry bag with yellow fleece
  5. LOST: Orange Hydro Flask with blue webbing
  6. LOST: BK Stohlquist PFD @ hecla take out
  7. Lost 9Ft Sawyer Polecat Oar MOAB DAILY
  8. Found: Camera at Joe Hutch
  9. Lost: Red and Black paddling bag at Fishermans Bridge
  10. Lost Green Blisstick Scud Eagle
  11. Lost: Farmer John Wetsuit Picnic Rock
  12. Found: green fishing kayak on blue river
  13. Is this Hyside cataraft stolen
  14. Lost Jackson Karma (Grn/White/Bl) - RF Toothache
  15. Found: Red Nalgene at Bridges Take Out
  16. Yellow liquid logic Poudre 6/14
  17. Lost Glenwood Springs PFD and Sweet helmet
  18. Lost oar on gates
  19. Lost dagger RPM @ Montrose
  20. Lost two 9' Sawyer Polecat Oars Upper Eagle
  21. Elbow pad
  22. SUP Paddle lost on Poudre
  23. Lost Mesh bag with PFD's John Day
  24. Lost gear on the upper Gunnison
  25. LOST Werner Kayak Paddle (black shaft/orange carbon blades)
  26. Lost 9' Cataract Oar in Brown's Canyon
  27. Lost Sawyer Oar on the Lower Dolores @ Snaggletooth
  28. FOUND - Phone on Trough Road
  29. Lost paddle on Gros Ventre
  30. Found phone and throw bag at Fishermans Bridge
  31. Found Blue Dry Bag + Garments Lower Dolores 6/9/2016
  32. Lost kayak & paddle on Piedra
  33. Found Kayak: Upper Blue 6/12/16
  34. Found Kayak- Eagle River
  35. lost green jackson allstar on the eagle, co
  36. Found in Browns Canyon, paddle for ducky
  37. Lost Oar Rig San Miguel
  38. Found NRS Rescue Throw Bag - Lochsa Rendezvous
  39. Lost: two noobs' PFDs on lower San Juan.
  40. Somewhere on the road
  41. Lost Thermarest on Dolores on June 6th
  42. Lyons paddlers!
  43. Bomber Gear Pogies Lyons Playpark
  44. Lost: PFD W/ Knife Near Saratoga WY
  45. Lost powerhouse clear creek
  46. Lost paddle Sat 6/4 in Numbers, 7
  47. Lost pfd at lawson
  48. Found: Abandoned Cat Boat on the Ark
  49. LOST: JK Lightning Paddle near Dotsero
  50. Found River Gear, Bruneau River Takeout
  51. Lost paddle, Delores river/Bedrock takeout
  52. Lost GoPro - Hells Canyon on 6/2/16
  53. Found Fly Box
  54. Hung raft North of BV South of the numbers
  55. "Lost" fly rod, across from garlic mikes takeout
  56. lodore-lost didgeridoo
  57. Zoe, 50 lbs black lab/pit, Poudre- Stevens Gulch
  58. Lost Left Teva, solar shower on Juan
  59. Found buckets and kitchen gear, San Juan take out
  60. Stolen at River Fest in Steamboat
  61. Lost gopro 3+ lower blue takeout
  62. Lost paddle Sat 6/4 Poudre above Mad Dog
  63. Lost boat, blue/wht nomad clear creek, near dam, scream 1/4 mile
  64. Lost Paddle - Glenwood Canyon, Colorado River
  65. Found kayak at van bibber park
  66. Purple Jacket and hat
  67. kayak recovered on Poudre River 5/31/2016
  68. Lost: Two kayaking paddles Upper Blue River 6/1
  69. Found: Small Yellow PFD @ Tiki Beach, Lower Colorado
  70. Lost or Stolen
  71. LOST PFD with knife and watch
  72. LOST Kids Werner Paddle on the ARK
  73. Lost camer Chama Daily takeout 5/28.
  74. Found: Silver SUP Paddle Ruby Horsethief
  75. Lost eyeglasses Sand Island put in San Juan
  76. FOUND: Wms's PFD & Splash Pants @ Whitewater, CO takeout 5/30/16
  77. Lost fishing rod: Pumphouse, Colorado
  78. Lost Hat, Buff and NRS Bilge at Escalante put in on 5/28/16
  79. Throw Rope/Bag - Left at Big Falls
  80. lost PFD picnic rock to fort collins
  81. Lost Raft Bag - Banks put-in
  82. Found Kayak Paddle
  83. Lost Paddle and Lost Flute
  84. Found GPS
  85. Found canoe on the rio Chama
  86. Lost oar on Shoshone
  87. Lost Samsung S6 on Poudre 5/25/16
  88. Adventure Technology paddle found on the poudre
  89. Found: Kayak paddle Clear Creek near Golden
  90. Found boat
  91. LOST: Plywood hatch covers, Grande Ronde
  93. Found: GoPro Hero on Upper Mishawaka
  94. Found rope bag on Clear Creek
  95. Lost AT paddle and rescue bag on Logan
  96. Lost werner player
  97. Lost drag bag on Deso
  98. Lost Astral shoe (Grizzly? Exit 125?)
  99. Lost:Blue Astral Green PFD
  100. Lost Sawyer oars on Eagle at Bobs Bridge
  101. LOST! Werner Powerhouse
  102. FOUND: Blue NRS Dry Bag on the Rio Chama
  103. Lost two red 8.5' oars, Piedra below Eye.
  104. Lost: Samsung cellphone 4/27 at South Canyon camp or Redwall Cavern
  105. Kayak paddle found at pump house play hole
  106. Found: Kayak drain plug
  107. Paddle at Escalante
  108. Lost blue kayak helmet (WRSI)
  109. RED kayak found in Eagle River-AVON,CO- still there
  110. Lost paddle at Golden Play Park
  111. Help Recovering SUP from Poudre
  113. Found: PFD and skirt near Poudre canyon mouth
  114. Lost Pogies on Poudre
  115. Lost GoPro on Clear Creek
  116. Lost: Down River Pump and Aquabound Paddle
  117. LOST: KAN JAM disc game in Ruby Horsetheif canyon
  118. Lost Werner Carbon Bent Shaft paddle in Deso
  119. Loveland Pass Hitchhiker left Backpack in Car
  120. Stolen Vanguard 13ft Skyblue Raft- Denver, CO
  121. Found: Kayak paddle Dowd Chute
  122. Lost Paddle on Bear Creek
  123. lost 4" barrel pump westwater put-in 4/17/2016
  124. Lost Oar
  125. Lost: Leki Trekking Pole
  126. Lost Phone on San Juan
  127. Evening yard sale on the Poudre
  128. found camera - Upper C / Gore
  129. FOUND: Kayak Paddle in Lyons
  130. FOUND: Red NRS drybag on Bear River
  131. Lost: Small Yellow Dry Bag (REI Brand) Westwater Take-Out
  132. Lost sand stake on Ruby/Horsethief
  133. Thinking about moving the great state of Colorado!
  135. Found camera lower San juan
  136. Lost Sand Stake (Deso)
  137. Lost .50 cal on the salt River AZ
  138. Lost Tent on the Lower Owyhee
  139. Lost paddle UTB
  140. FOUND: Bilge pump on Browns Canyon
  141. Lost Oakley Glasses Clear Creak 03/06/2016
  142. FOUND canoe on the St. Vrain River
  143. Lost Sawyer bent shaft salt river
  144. Found boat at No Name
  145. Paddle in FLG needs 2-go-2 Durango
  146. Lost Kayak Paddle Glenwood Rec Center 1/18/16
  147. Found map/guide Main Salmon River
  148. Lost Gopro at left Lava Scout on 12/4/15
  149. Paging Dan Wylie
  150. Galasport gear stolen from Pilar section of Rio G.
  151. Found PFD and Camera on Westwater 11/15/15
  152. found paddle in Cross
  153. Found Hide-a-key CC Culvert TO
  154. Lost paddle in Shoshone/Grizzly Creek
  155. PFD found,also Prescription glasses
  156. Lost: disposable camera pumphouse play park
  157. FOUND: Breakdown paddle, Shoshone Lake
  158. FOUND: Sawyer Guidestick in Gore
  159. Lost Dry Bag Westwater Lower Little D Campsite
  160. Found Ford Key at Two Bridges.
  161. Lost GoPro on the Grand
  162. Stolen Tomcat in Durango last July
  163. Found paddle on Westwater 9/21/15
  164. Lost Pump- Shoshone in June
  165. Found gear on Cataract Canyon Sept. 3
  166. FOUND - Cooler in Eagle, CO
  167. Found hat and sunglasses on Sep 13
  168. Lost a couple boats :(
  169. Lost Red Ducky at State Bridge
  170. Found Duckie , tube and other junk on upper c
  171. Found at Cisco Takout
  172. Lost - IK Seat & K-Pump, Cataract Canyon
  173. Found GoPro on Poudre
  174. Lost Fishing Brace at Pumphouse
  175. Found Tent on Upper C
  176. lost mountain hardwear skyledge 2.1 rain fly on Colorado river at Jack Flats
  177. Lost Black Astral PFD at Pumphouse.
  178. Left Sunglasses Black Rocks 4
  179. Lost kayak paddle on Gore Canyon
  180. Lost Oar Desolation Canyon
  181. Lost 5 gallon water jug
  182. Found, EMS "mountain chair" gore fest
  183. Loaned paddle south canyon Sunday 23 Aug.
  184. Found - Camp Towel on the road to Hecla
  185. PFDs found on the Upper C
  186. Lost Oar, Main Salmon
  187. Found helmet liner at Tunnel
  188. Lost Arctic Kreel
  189. Lost GoPro - Radium Hot Springs
  190. Lost GoPro in Gunny Gorge
  191. Lost adventure tech paddle on Poudre River August 15
  192. Lost Kokotat PFD on Arkansas River
  193. Lost canoe Yampa River- Craig
  194. Found:Fly fishing rod between trough rd and Pumphouse
  195. Found Rescue PFD Glenwood Springs
  196. Found - Kayak Paddle on Clear Creek Aug 11
  197. Lost Helmet in rescue Grand Canyon 8-2-15
  198. Lost keys at State Bridge
  199. Lost Astral YTV PFD
  200. STOLEN Raft and Trailer
  201. PFD on I-70
  202. Found at radium hot springs
  203. Found on Lodore
  204. Item Found at Westwater
  205. Lost - Yellow NRS waistbelt throwbag system - Shoshone
  206. Found PFD at State Bridge
  207. REWARD-Lost gopro below Island Park Lodore
  208. Moab lost bike messenger bag
  209. Lost - Older Lotus P-Vest @ Rancho
  210. Left dog pfd at Rancho
  211. Found kids toilet Deso Gray
  212. Poudre Oar rescue
  213. LOST- Gray Pack Raft 49, 8'x4'
  214. Found throw rope Chama take out
  215. FOUND - Deso - Misc. minor gear
  216. Left Behind Helmet Brown's Canyon
  217. Lost camera and black Carlisle paddle Yarmony
  218. LOST - Werner Paddle Two Bridges
  219. Found-Yellow creek boat clear creek colorado
  220. MFS - 22 July - Ditty Bag
  221. Ditty Bag found it at the Boundary launch
  222. Found-70' NRS throwbag-Upper CO
  223. lost :river passage: paddle on Poudre
  224. Lost Green Jacket- Golden play park
  225. Lost Paddle Poudre River
  226. Lost fly rod and spinning rod at State Bridge.....
  227. Found toss bag on poudre Cory Kerr
  228. Lost repair kit at Ruby Mtn, Arkansas River 7/25/15
  229. Found Guide Paddle on Westwater 7/25
  230. FOUND pfd, roaring fork, CO Sat-25July
  231. Lost oar Roaring Fork by Carbondale
  232. Lost Fly fishing gear- Hells Canyon Salt Creek Camp
  233. Found red cooler
  234. Lost:wallet at Wilderness Aware put in at JV
  235. Astral Brewers Golden
  236. Found: Cataract Oar Durango Playpark
  237. Found Kayak Clear Creek Colorado
  238. Lost Fly Rod Austin Bridge CO
  239. Stolen boats in Atlanta
  240. Lost jackets at pumphouse
  241. Lost Subaru Keys - Shoshone Put-In
  242. Arron Williams I found your throw bag
  243. Lost Aquabound Paddle BV Playpark
  244. Kayak Paddle Found - Idaho Springs - 7/14
  245. Lost KEYS Lower CC dam takeout
  246. Lost Black Werner Paddle on Bailey/Foxton
  247. Found helmet at lone pine put in on the ark
  248. Lost Father's Day -June 21 - Colorado above New Castle
  249. LOST: Black Werner Paddle - Salmon River