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Lost & Found

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  1. SSV Lost Orange Werner 220/230 Breakdown
  2. Lost Paddle on Clear Creek...
  3. Lost Guide Paddle - POUDRE
  4. Stolen Boat/Paddle/Skirt -Upper Rustic/Poudre
  5. Found--Oar on the side of Hwy 82
  6. Found - Break down kayak paddle - Upper C
  7. Found rescue life jacket
  8. Found Adam Blands Bliss Stick in slaughter House!
  9. found bill's ropebag
  10. Lost Werner Sherpa paddle Brown's Canyon 6/26
  11. Strap bag found on Lower Animas
  12. lost nalgene - poudre
  13. Duckie found in Doubl Knife 6/25
  14. Lost boat and paddle on South Fork Poudre
  15. Lost Grey w/ Red stripe frame raft and oars
  16. 6/25 Lost WS Project Orange on Upper Blue
  17. Lost Micro on upper east
  18. FOUND; AT Paddle at Hecla
  19. lost yellow necky-sky st Vrain-rci paddle, seylor blue yellow paddle
  20. Found Dry top at Big Bear hole in Lyons
  21. Lost kayak Clear Creek Golden
  22. Lost AT paddle below the Glenwood wave
  23. Lost: AT paddle, Slaughterhouse
  24. found kayak paddle Deso 6/21
  25. Lost nomad and paddles in Clear creek of the ark
  26. Lost carbon fiber lightening paddle on clear creek of the ark
  27. Stolen Dagger Nomad
  28. Lost sunglasses in Golden WW park
  29. Green Crazy 88 Last seen floating into USB
  30. Found: Camera on Virgin Gnarrows
  31. clear ck ark gear update
  32. Found: Yellow/Redish Perception
  33. LOST: NRS wet suit
  34. FOUND: Keys in Big Sur parking lot
  35. Lost werner paddle on the Piedra June 17
  36. Lost: BV Play Park-Custom Hand Paddle and Foot Foam
  37. Lost Werner double diamond kayak paddle - Split Creek takeout, Lochsa
  38. Lost carlisle oar Browns Canyon
  39. Lost Werner Sho Gun Boulder River, MT
  40. Lost yellow dry bag
  41. Lost Black Werner Paddle near Ruby Mtn
  42. lost black spoon paddle browns canyon of the arkansas
  43. Lost red and yellow carlisle paddle lower Eagle
  44. Tow Strap at Riverdale
  45. NRS Pilot Boulder Creek
  46. lost AT paddle @ zoom flume in browns canyon
  47. lost werner paddle glenwood parking lot
  48. Lost AT2 in the bottom of pine creek/numbers
  49. Lost helmet Dolores take out...
  50. Found werner paddle in St Vrain
  51. Lost paddle, Hells half mile, green river.
  52. Lost Dagger Ego on the Ark
  53. Lost Paddle Clear Creek Golden
  54. lost paddle- yampa - 6-15-11
  55. Lost paddle on the Gros Ventre
  56. Paddle found on the Arkansas
  57. Lost AT powerhouse on Castle Creek
  58. Lost boat on Clear Creek of the Ark
  59. Lost black mesh bag with rafting gear on Arkansas
  60. Lost orange mesh duffel bag @ State Bridge take out
  61. lost go pro above cameo
  62. Lost Boat on the Animas
  63. Lost paddle lower Boulder Creek 6/13
  64. Lost Oar, FOUND on ARK
  65. Lost paddle on clear creek below double knife
  66. Lost paddle on the Bridal Veil Section of the Provo River
  67. Lost & Found (L) Teva on Animas
  68. lost paddle on the san miguel 6/11
  69. Jackson Hero looking for lost owner on Big Thompson
  70. Lost Oar on Roaring Fork Pink to Black area
  71. Lost paddle at Desolation
  72. Pinned SUP on Pink2Black
  73. Found Boat on Foxton
  74. Found a Kayak Paddle. Lower Rustic, Cache La Poudre River, CO, USA
  75. Chaco found on the San Juan
  76. Found Throwbag Boulder Creek
  77. Lost Villain S on Clear Creek Fri 06/10
  78. Found: SR Helmet, Lochsa Hwy 12, 5/28
  79. Paddle found on piedra
  80. Paddle lost on 10 Mile Creek...
  81. Stolen Gear behind 4 Corners Riversports-Durango
  82. Lost Paddle Clear Creek of the Ark
  83. Lost Werner stikine
  84. Found Red Dagger at Gross Res.
  85. Lost paddle
  86. Lost: short yellow Sawyer Oar on Dolores
  87. Reward! Lost On Eagle Source: Blue Pyranah Burn L & AT ATX
  88. Lost Oars on Eagle River
  89. Missing Yellow Pelican Box at Glenwood Whitewater Park
  90. Lost IR Loop Enhancer Lower CC
  91. lost: dry bag
  92. Found: Toyota Key at Golden PP
  93. Lost whiplash at Big Sur
  94. Lost Jackson All Star on Clear Creek
  95. Lost dry pants at Kermits
  96. another lost 7-2 paddle on the Poudre
  97. Lost Paddle - Upper Fryingpan
  98. lost bentshaft Poudre 6/7
  99. LOST REMIX!!
  101. Lost Double Duck below Snaggletooth on the Dolores
  102. Lost White Paco Pad at Bedrock takeout Dolores River
  103. Lost: Oar on Deso 6/2/11
  104. Lost guide stick on clear creek
  105. Lost: Dry Bag near Upper CO
  106. Lost: Wavesport ZG
  107. Lost PFD at Dalbeta take out
  108. Found: Paddle in Granite Gorge of the Arkansas
  109. Lost: Throw Bag in Big Thompson
  110. Lost my Everest in Kirshbaums 6/4/11
  111. Lost AT Kayak Paddle on the Poudre (Filter Plant)
  112. Lost: Matte Green Protec helmet at Big Sur
  113. Lost Camera Grand Canyon
  114. green and yellow burn missing paddler at the mish
  115. Lost:NRS Kilt on Poudre @ BTO/Hewlett Gultch pull-off
  116. Lost Sawyer oar on Poudre (filter plant)
  117. Lost Astral Rescue Vest Pfd- Buena Vista
  118. San Juan lost werner 5/21
  119. Missing 7-2 paddle on Poudre
  120. LOST Blue Kokatat GMER drysuit - Reward!
  121. Found: Black/grey long sleeve Rash Guard
  122. Found -safety vest O-ring @ Black Rock Putin
  123. Found Helmet
  124. Lost Wetsuit at Blackrock putin 5/31 night
  125. Lost Werner Guide Stick-On Lower Eagle.
  126. Lost Pyranha Ammo size Large around grand junction, co
  127. Stolen Boat Frisco, CO
  130. Found - Paddle on Upper Eagle
  131. Found: wrist watch at pine creek put-in
  132. Lost: 8ft. Cataract Oar on Dolores
  133. FOUND: NRS booties at Lower Clear Creek
  134. Lost: Wedding ring Numbers put-in/take out
  135. Lost 2 Oars on the #s.....
  136. Lost neoprene pants - Hecla Junction
  137. Lost Skirt at Heckla Junction
  138. Lost Werner Desperado On Rockwood
  139. lost oars,deso,28th
  140. Lost AT on Barrel
  141. Paddles found on Poudre
  142. LOST OAR
  143. Lost Prosthetic
  144. Lost bag of helmets
  145. found a huge touring breakdown paddle at gunny ww park
  146. found sunglasses - below Green Bridge- Clear Creek
  147. found paddle-Basin Creek
  148. Found Paddle on the Dolores
  149. lost blue wave sport upper c-5/28
  150. Found: Sunglasses at Steven's Gulch
  151. Lost Helmet Fish Bridge
  152. Lost boat and paddle
  153. LOST: AT bent shaft on Black Rock
  154. Lost: Purple Dagger on the Middle Eagle
  155. Red Remix found in Numbers
  156. found werner bent handle paddle?
  157. Found Tent
  158. LOST: PFD and SR helmet
  159. FOUND! C1 Paddle at Clear Creek Playpark
  160. LOST: Gear Bag, blue mesh between Dowd and East Vail
  161. Lost: Cannon Camera Powershot (Blue/silver) Upper Blue
  162. Lost camera at Moonshine scout
  163. Lost on Lower Owyhee
  164. LOST: yellow wild wasser dry/float bag
  165. found: Numbers black AT paddle/ear plugs
  166. Lost BLACK WERNER PADDLE- Poudre
  167. Lost camera on pieadra
  168. LOST Paddle Pine Creek 5-21-2011
  169. Found Size L Extrasport grey spash top
  170. Lost werner paddle san juan
  171. Some one grab my sleeping bags at the putin
  172. Lost Paddle Board at GWS
  173. lost coffee cup at numbers launch!
  174. LOST: Black Bag on Green River(Split Mtn)
  175. found helmet
  176. Lost Dagger Found on RT 9 South of Hartzel
  177. Found camera on Yampa
  178. Lost Dog
  179. Lost: Straight Shaft Werner on Escalante 5/8 AM
  180. Found: Olympus Camera Deso/Grey
  181. Lost - Bluehouse ski
  182. Lost in Westwater 4-20
  183. LOST: Wavesport Diesel on Weber River 5/5/11
  184. LOST - Oar (San Juan)
  185. Found: incredibly customized flamingo below Hermit Rapid
  186. Lost Duffle, Swazey's to Woodside.
  187. LOST on Moab Daily
  188. lost pump
  189. Lost Groover
  190. SUP Werner Paddle
  191. Lost raft
  192. Lost: 2 rock stars between BV and saguache: yellow medium and orange small
  193. Lost Paddle, Liquid reward
  194. Found PFD on San Juan Above Mexican Hat
  195. FOUND: iPod
  196. John Deere Cruiser bike stolen
  197. missing star
  198. Found Camera at Riverdale Wave
  199. LOST - Video camera tripod at Clear Creek kayak park
  200. Lost paddle on Barrel Springs
  201. LOST: Arcteryx Shell on Buffalo mt
  202. Lost kid spray skirt @ Mulberry Pool FTC
  203. Lost helmet, pfd, etc. at pierce landing
  204. Lost tent pole at Lees Ferry launch on 2/23/11
  205. lost: Olympus waterproof camera (silver) @ Grizzly Cr. ramp
  206. lost oar
  207. Found: skis/poles - Loveland Basin parking lot
  208. Found NRS fleece suit/liner
  209. Lost wedding ring
  210. Lost Skis & poles along Broadway or Highway 93 (Boulder/Golden)
  211. Lost Aire IK on San Juan
  212. Lost: Shovel & Probe @ River Campsite
  213. Lost knife at Shoshone 1/1/11
  214. lost climbing skin near centennial ridge (wy)
  215. F&A Helmet Lost On Grand After Mi. 180
  216. Found Skirt from Shoshonie/Barrel Trip 12/6
  217. Yellow Canoe Spotted on Lower Blue
  218. Lost- Old Pack Towl
  219. Lost - Frame to small raft
  220. Found Paddle on the Poudre
  221. Found-Blackish Tent Tarp @ Hades Camp, Westwater
  222. Lost Rain Tarp- Mee Corner, Ruby-Horsethief:
  223. Found at Westwater takeout-small drybag w/camera
  224. Lost- Chacos at Westwater Takeout
  225. Lost- kids Astral lifejacket Escalante section of Gunnison River
  226. lost simms fly vest on blue river
  227. Fly rod lost
  228. I still want my paddle back. Lost in Salida
  229. Lost: 3 Paddles at Radium
  230. FOUND:: underlayer at the M-Wave
  231. FOUND:: Oar on westwater
  232. Westwater 10/7
  233. Lost PFD on Upper CO
  234. stolen
  235. Wayword Spray skirt
  236. Lost Paddle on Bailey Stretch
  237. Did you lose an oar??
  238. Lost Oar between Westwater take-out and Fruita
  239. Lost: Casio G'zOne phone, Shelf Rd., Caņon City
  240. Found Digital Camera on NF South Platte
  241. Found:Coffee cup/Gunny Gorge
  242. Lost - MGX/Sawyer Oar between Silverthorne and Denver on I-70
  243. Lost River Bag on I-70 near Vail
  244. Found gear at Stone Bridge
  245. Lost Car Keys at South Canyon on 9-12-10
  246. 2 ducky paddles lost on Gore
  247. Found prescription glasses @ Jones Hole 1
  248. lost keen shoe on foxton
  249. Lost Camera and Beer Coozy at Westwater put-in
  250. Lost / stolen 2 man NRS duckie