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River Access & Safety Alerts!

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  1. Pre-Permit Salt Trips in February
  2. Take out at Pearce Ferry??
  3. Pre-Launch Safety Check sheet
  4. Historic New Mexico Instream Flow Right Approved
  5. The Arkansas River is a vital lifeblood to our recreation economy.
  6. Protect River Access in New Mexico!
  7. 5 minute survey for the Upper Colorado River Wild and Scenic Stakeholder Group
  8. Rope in the water at Tombstone on Shoshone
  9. Riggins scat machine construction under way
  10. River Access Bill could shut down private boaters
  11. Bear on Ruby-Horsethief
  12. More Bailey Wood
  13. Car in Upper C
  14. Follow up GC lottery
  15. Jet boat wrapped in Black creek rapid, main Salmon
  16. Roaring Fork River Closure @ 27th Street Bridge Construction, Sept. 12-16
  17. City of Arvada denying access to all waterways
  18. Anyone else ever participate in a USFS Comprehensive River Management Plan?
  19. Fire on Salmon River Road.
  20. Log Strainer On Deso at Coal Creek
  21. Roaring Fork River Delays/27th Street Bridge Construction
  22. Risk Waivers in Spanish??
  23. Hazard in Mallard on the Main Salmon?
  24. Upper C: PUT YOUR FIRE OUT!!!
  25. Lake Fork of Gunnison strainer
  26. Little Yampa Canyon
  27. Black Canyon Of the Bear Running
  28. Colorado River/Glenwood Canyon Delays: Xcel Energy Helicopter Operations
  29. Raft off log jam MF Salmon?
  30. Upper Colorado...Fire Pan...Groover?
  31. Gunnison area rivers open
  32. Kayak floating through BV
  33. San Miguel access and camping
  34. North Fork Gunny strainer
  35. Lower Blue (below GMR) max safe level?
  36. Eagle River - Fairgrounds Pipe
  37. Poudre Filter Plant- URGENT!
  38. Montrose strainer
  39. Ruby Horsethief Mosquito Report?
  40. Blue river hazards or wood?
  41. Fires on Ruby-Horsethief
  42. Basalt Kayak Park still a hazard at high water
  43. Dolores River Blockage
  44. Kermit's Wood
  45. 42-yr-old drowned on Arkansas River near Canon City
  46. Strainer on Ruby-Horsethief
  47. San Miguel Strainer Update
  48. River-wide Keeper Hole, Eagle River @ Avon WW Park
  49. Upper MF Flathead
  50. AED Locations on the Ark - AROA/CPW
  51. Gunnison and Slate River Closures
  52. 29 yr old drowned on Eagle River
  53. Eagle River - Strainer in South Minturn
  54. Drift boat flip on The Smith - MT
  55. ATTN lower Ark boaters (below Vallie Bridge)
  56. Lake Fork Gunnison Access Closed
  57. East Fork San Juan
  58. Ecuador's Piatua River Threatened
  59. Wood & Hazards on Lake Fork of the Gunnison? (2019)
  60. Update: Blue River Strainer
  61. North Stanislaus trees?
  62. Upper Animas
  63. Eagle River - Edwards Bridge Construction
  64. Anticipated Fire Bans Summer 2019?
  65. Blue River Columbine Landing take out.
  66. San Miguel Strainer in blind corner
  67. Mamma Chama Log/Portage.
  68. Piedra River
  69. Piedra road status (aka First fork Rd or FR 622)
  70. Eagle River Strainer
  71. Another wood alert! Crystal Narrows has 2 strainers.
  72. What did I miss? FS proposal to close MF Salmon in August?
  73. Fallen tree danger on Slaughterhouse!!!
  74. East Fork San Juan strainers
  75. Poudre Lower Narrows Potential Strainer
  76. San Miguel Below Placerville
  77. Pittsburgh landing is closed
  78. Return of the Slaughterhouse gauge
  79. 2019 Middle Fork Hazards and Access Thread
  80. San Juan Oil Spill Updates?
  81. Ledge Hole on teh Mama Chama Section
  82. Boulder Creek Tree Removal
  83. Oil spill in the San Juan near Bluff
  84. San Francisco river Gila area.
  85. Salt river this year?
  86. Beware of Salmon River Rules and draconian enforcement
  87. Rogue high Water
  88. recreation.gov shut down?
  89. Gila River wilderness run
  90. Rainie Falls Swim Oct 12?
  91. Blossom bar wrap & Hazard
  92. Boundary creek closed MFSR
  93. RRFW Riverwire - Body of Missing Grand Canyon Boater Located
  94. Shoshone running?
  95. Cottonwood Island Recreation Site Update
  96. Riverboards on hell’s canyon
  97. Smoke on Rogue Wild and Scenic
  98. Ruby/Horsethief/WW Small Plane Down
  99. Galice Road closed! R/t Taylor clean fire
  100. Pay to play in Colorado
  101. River Hazard - Royal Gorge Narrows
  102. Arkansas River Hazard - @ Cottonwood Creek
  103. Fee Box Thefts on the Upper Colorado
  104. Ruby-Horsethief Safe for Canoes at Low Water?
  105. Middle Fork Rules
  106. 7/12/2018 Diamond Creek access
  107. San Juan, Clay Hills, can Subaru make it?
  108. Minimum CFS for Pumphouse to Radium?
  109. Packtaft Low Water Yampa?
  110. Alsek/Tatshensheni takeout options at Dry Bay
  111. Tree hazard in Boulder Creek
  112. When is a Maravia too old?
  113. Remember to check your trailer rigging
  114. Bear at Benches #2 on the upper c
  115. Rope in three rocks
  116. Rattlesnakes at Warm Springs
  117. Lawson Strainer
  118. Bear on Ruby Horsethief
  119. Encampment shuttle?
  120. Colorado River flow beta request
  121. Eagle River/Eagle Rodeo Rapid
  122. Bear(s) at Pumphouse, Upper C
  123. Rustic Poudre New Bridge
  124. Impassable section on San Miguel River
  125. Issues at San Juan River/Pagosa Springs daily take-out
  126. Poudre Narrows Wood
  127. Fire Ban on Ruby-Horsethief
  128. Upper Animas River: Hazardous Trees
  129. Mountain Whitewater
  130. Early season Selway advice
  131. Public river closures on private land in NM
  132. Visual on Royal Gorge?
  133. Hazardous Materials Eagle/Roaring Fork
  134. Law Makers Move forward Dam Project on Colorado
  135. Visual on Ark?
  136. Spencer's Cabin Update
  137. Rec.gov SHUTDOWN
  138. Repost from RRFW Riverwire (via Tom Martin/RGC)
  139. Gates of Lodore Put In
  140. Bailey Wood above Deer Creek
  141. Lower Gunnison Bridgeport Boat Access Flood Damage
  142. Eclipse info from Laramie Peak area
  143. Black Rock Wood Aug 15
  144. Main Salmon Drinking Water
  145. Problem on Gore Saturday?
  146. Glenwood Springs Colorado River, Bridge and River Closures
  147. Log Jam - SF Boise River
  148. Oxford Hazard
  149. Lower Salmon, Eagle Creek road and takeout
  150. Clear Creek Canyon closed 3:30 Wednesday 7/19
  151. Lost Green NRS bag on Foxton
  152. ALERT! Metal STILL in CO River Below S. Canyon (better loc)
  153. Upper Colorado Radium Boat Ramp Open
  154. gunny gorge
  155. Pinned Raft on Roaring Fork
  156. Numbers put in spiked this AM 7/12/17
  157. Car in lower Clear Creek
  158. Tusher Diversion Dam July 2017
  159. ALERT!! Bears on the Deso/gray
  160. ALERT !! Rebar in water Colorado River
  161. Wood in #5 Numbers, Ark
  162. Some changes to NFk Flathead wood
  163. Upper Colorado Radium Boat Ramp Closure
  164. Corn Creek ramp Improvement Aug 20
  165. MF Salmon: Log Jam Above Velvet?
  166. Pinned Drift boat on The Upper Colorado
  168. Main Fork Salmon Levels
  169. Upper Colorado 2 Bridges Update
  170. Lower Blue below GMR/Strainer news?
  171. Bad tree in upper Rustic (Poudre)
  172. Harding Hole 4 Yampa River Rock Fall
  173. Wooden Swing in River - Boulder Creek
  174. Dinosaur National Monument fire
  175. Rope in SSV
  176. Warning Issued on New Basalt Whitewater Park
  177. Shellys Cottage Footbridge
  178. Pinned Raft Lower Eagle... Info?
  179. North Fork Poudre (lower) hazards and TR
  180. Tree river wide E. Fork San Juan
  181. Glenwood Bridge Rapid Heads Up
  182. Creede Box Question
  183. Lower Owyhee Drowning?
  184. San Miguel River -- In Stream Placer Mining
  185. Large Strainer on Lower Eagle
  186. Lower Blue/Jurassic - Max Limit for Floating?
  187. Lower Eagle train trestle
  188. Lower South Boulder Creek wood situation
  189. The Annual Encampment Question
  190. Upper Colorado River fatality 6/5/14
  191. Tree blocking Alto Alto
  192. Pinned Dory on the Upper Colorado
  193. Frisco middle 10 mile wood report
  194. Corn creek road
  195. Clear Creek accident 5/31?
  196. Middle Fork Salmon debris
  197. ACA L4 Swiftwater Rescue Course June 3-4Th
  198. Boulder creek wood-elephant buttress
  199. Looking for Fort Collins after work crew
  200. Cable Alert (and Trees) Upper Rustic - Poudre
  201. Selway Alternatives
  202. GC Hazards according to the Onion
  204. Gateway river access parking
  205. Rock fall danger on the Dolores
  206. Lake Fork - Wire Alert
  207. Eagle river: 2017 Safety Alerts
  208. Lower Eagle River Hazard Below Dead Cow Rapid
  209. UPPER Dolores River Hazard
  210. Upper Colorado Red Dirt Creek Bridge
  211. Blue River Strainer
  212. Poudre Wood Update: 5/10/17
  213. Tree down in river below Basalt Whitewater Park!!
  214. Fall River Strainer
  215. Dolores - Intermittent River Closures at Bedrock May 8th-12th, 15th-19th
  216. Pull off at Big Sur
  217. Large strainer on Dolores river
  218. Bailey Wood Report - APRIL 2017
  219. Dolores put-in ?s- Slickrock vs Gypsum
  220. Lyons - Drop below Black Bear?
  221. Bedrock bridge-Dolores river closure safety
  222. Slickrock Takeout Sunday
  223. East Fork San Juan wood on move
  224. Canoe wrap Steamboat town run
  225. Green Mountain StrainerS
  226. Log blocking Lower Piedra river Hwy. 160 to Navajo Lake
  227. BLM river maps
  228. Rio Chama postcards
  229. I'm calling bull shit
  230. Carbondale Boatramp Improvement Workday
  231. ACA L4 Swiftwater Rescue Course & Skills Assessment
  232. Need Throwable flotation
  233. Updated Stipulations for Westwater
  234. Fence across the Kokopelli Trail 4 mi east of Cisco
  235. New log jam on Middle fork salmon
  236. Yampa Canyon in August
  237. Swift Water Rescue
  238. Is Kayak registration coming?
  239. Shots fired at kayakers in Arizona
  240. Glenwood Springs Bridge Replacement - Colorado River Closure Schedule Announced
  241. Public Lands for sale
  242. Strainer across the upper McKenzie
  243. Three Dams to Be Removed
  244. Tusher Wash Flooded
  245. Tree removal on Arkansas River in Salida
  246. Pending Government Shutdown: A reliable season of non-boating
  247. Grizzley Creek Trailer Access?
  248. Lower Salmon jumping log warning.
  249. Bear camp road delays Aug24 2016
  250. Rapid Change in Grand Canyon