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River Access & Safety Alerts!

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  1. Fence over water questions
  2. Flipping Cats
  3. Baker's Box, Heads Up
  4. Mineral Bottom road open again!
  5. Tones of wood in Waterton Canyon
  6. Bailey wood report
  7. Guide Arrested on Taylor River, Colorado
  8. Potential Gvt. Shutdown - Westwater and Ruby HT
  9. Shoshone Access Closed April 16th to May 26th
  10. Scary Strainer in S. Fork Payette
  11. New rapid on Main Salmon in Idaho
  12. CPR Refresher Video
  13. Shoshone Maneater log?
  14. MF Salmon/Marsh Cr problem
  15. Royal Gorge Wood Removed 3/17/11
  16. Rivers access campaign - 38degrees
  17. New Big Wood in Royal Gorge 3/12/2011
  18. Canyonlands National Park Announces Fee Increase for Private River Permits
  19. Dogs in Westwater Canyon
  20. Mineral Bottom Road opening tentatively scheduled for 3/29/11
  21. Westwater: Ice Free as of 2/25/11
  22. US 50 shutdown!
  23. Rafter/Guide arrested on Taylor or Gunnison?
  24. Support Flow Restoration on the Dolores River - Take Action!
  25. Good News for Carbondale Ramp
  26. USFS Notice - Important Update Regarding Chinook Salmon and Boating on the Middle For
  27. Morrison/Bear Creek WW Park
  28. CCR (not creedance cleawater revival)
  29. Silt ramp; um...
  30. Beware of canoes stuck in UCR
  31. Pinned Canoe Lower Blue
  32. mineral bottom road
  33. Arkansas River Native Flow Recovery Slower than Projected
  34. Arkansas River Flow Reduction August 18-19
  35. Throw Bag in Pyrite - Gore
  36. rafting the south platte north of union
  37. vallecito wood
  38. Arkansas Flow Reduction CANCELLED
  39. Arkansas River Flow Reduction 8/2-8/3
  40. Arkansas River Comment/Conflict Form
  41. Lower Lake Creek wood mission
  42. Bailey wood cleared
  43. Stolen Raft - $500 reward
  44. Broken ribs how long before kayking?????
  45. Oregon loses the Upper Rogue to landowners
  46. Rope in the Poudre River
  47. Line for Joe Hutch on Deso
  48. Mwave
  49. Encampment 6/26/10 Conditions Report
  50. Boise River Dam Proposals (Idaho)
  51. WATCH OUT Train rail in Snowshed rapid, Upper Animas
  52. Lower Clear Creek - Throw ropes lost at the diversion dam
  53. Big Woody on Daisy - Changes
  54. Reducing broken/dislocated joints??
  55. Pandora's Wood
  56. south boulder creek below rollinsville strainer
  57. North Umpqua Logs?
  58. Lower Eagle River Strainer
  59. New Strainer in Fraser River
  60. New sweeper/strainer on San Miguel
  61. Upper Poudre question
  62. Visual West Fork San Juan /South Fork Rio Grande
  63. Castle Creek Wood
  64. LOTS of wood moving in OBJ!
  65. Glenwood, Avon and Vail River Bike Paths Closed
  66. Safety Tips---Please Add Your Own
  67. Crystal River - Tree Down
  68. Twin Lakes Tunnel #1 & Roaring Fork River Flow Increase
  69. Clear Creek WW Park Restriction/Closure
  70. Bridge Below Bridges Take out
  71. Big log in the Black Rock section of Clear Creek
  72. Upper rustic Profile Rock bridge strainer pulled
  73. Boulder Creek Hazard
  74. Lower Tenmile = minor strainer city
  75. Possible Rope Hazard - Arkansas River Milk Run
  76. uncompaghre strainer
  77. Poudre Strainer/Wood situation
  78. New Strainer on Slaughterhouse
  79. Strainer in North Saint Vrain, Apple Valley
  80. Rock in dam at power plant, Boulder Canyon
  81. Riverwide Strainer in Lower Snake
  82. Vallecito Wood
  83. Castle creek wood
  84. Source Is Clean
  85. strainer on Upper Taylor
  86. Rope river right below dam on Lower Clear Creek
  87. Cut Throw rope in Diversion Dam Rapid of Lower Clear Creek!
  88. Strainer in the Source
  89. Rope Hazard - Numbers
  90. North Gate Canyon North platte
  91. Clear Creek of the Ark Wood
  92. Upper Snake Wood/Strainers
  93. Loma put in tire issues
  94. Strainer in Bogan
  95. Upper Tenmile Wood
  96. River wide tree in Alto Alto
  97. Multiple trees down in Upper Blue
  98. Tree in Alto Alto
  99. Tree across Boulder Creek between 17th & Folsom
  100. Tenmile creek strainer cut away
  101. October Hole
  102. Wrapped raft/rope in Dolores/Gateway
  103. Lower NSV - Shelly's - strainer
  104. Barbed Fences in North Fork Poudre
  105. Hidden Hazard on San Miguel River, Norwood canyon
  106. corner pocket eddy rope
  107. new log in piedra
  108. Golden Strainerish problem
  109. Escalante Canyon road closed till 5/6/2010
  110. Strainer Total Blockage on Lower Blue
  111. Virgin River Gorge new Fish Dam
  112. Vallecito Wood
  113. pineview log & mad dog log
  114. Log in Tappan Falls - MF Salmon.
  115. Upper Dolores Fence
  116. Downed trees on the Piedra River
  117. SRT vs WRT vs ACA Swiftwater Rescue Courses
  118. UTAH River Access - UT HB-141
  119. Getting the kiddiies swimming
  120. wood in" Upr "Clear Creek spring cleaning
  121. Oak Creek, AZ - class III TR
  122. Help to remove the Tree in the Lower Blue
  124. Take Action on Colorado's Right to Float Bill!
  125. Utah bill will restrict stream access
  126. VOTE TODAY: Should recreational boaters have a right to float?
  127. Gross Dam meeting tonight, Nederland
  128. Colorado Whitewater Association (CW) take on 1188
  129. San Juan River below Pagosa Springs
  130. Rafting Bill Faces Hurdle
  131. HB 1188 Clarify River Outfitter Navigation Right Bill
  132. HB 10-1086 Private Interest Landowner/Water Rights Limited Liability Bill
  133. Curry's Commercial Outfitter Floating Act
  134. Gross Dam Reservoir expansion
  135. Taylor River - Texas Developer Trying to Close River to Public
  136. GJ Sential Article - River Access bill before CO Legislature
  137. Grand Canyon Flows
  138. Utah River Access in Jeopardy Again
  139. Public Bridge ROW Access Locations in CO, UT, etc.
  140. Glenwood Whitewater Park under construction
  141. Potential Wood & Grappling hook on Chattooga river!
  142. River Access Awards
  143. DVD players in Clear Creek
  144. Wood in Baileys
  145. Lost rope in Gore - sorry
  146. Browns at 300 in a Tomcat
  147. Strainer below B.V. Play park on Arkansas
  148. Poudre River Asphalt spill Pineview to BTO
  149. 8/21/09 Wood in Lower Blue
  150. Bailey is good to go...
  151. BIG heads up on Bailey... It's gonna be a dangerous run for some time...
  152. Strainer in Waterton
  153. Rock shifted Bridge Falls SBC?
  154. Bailey and new log problem
  155. how to throw a throw bag?
  156. Bag in Black Rock
  157. Upper Blue:New river wide tree
  158. Bailey wood report 7/20
  159. Heads up Rope Bag in Poudre Below Cardiac
  160. Jet skis on the Colorado at Glenwood Wave and South Canyon
  161. Beer and Boats
  162. spencer heights tree
  163. log in North Saint Vrain-Shelly's Cottages Run
  164. Body in the Poudre
  165. legal defense for scouting #5
  166. Question about Holes
  167. Wood at Trestle on lower Eagle
  168. Strainer below #6 on Ark has been removed.
  169. encampment/the slide update
  170. Rope below Rigormortis
  171. found throwbag in slaughterhouse
  172. Boat pinned in the Source
  173. Strainer below #6 on the Ark.
  174. blue river from columbine to green mtn
  175. riverwide strainers, Boulder Creek below 55th
  176. new wood on the Snake
  177. New strainer in south platte metro
  178. Chukar Trail Condition?
  179. UNCONDITIONAL safety
  180. Tree in the Brown's Creek sneak
  181. 6/18 Source is good to go
  182. Pinned EZ Lower Clear Creek
  183. Bucket boat
  184. Log in "s" turn upper boulder creek above blue bridge
  185. Joe Wright Wood Report 6/9
  186. Plywood in Gore Creek
  187. 6-8 Lower Clear Creek Pinned Boat
  188. Wood in OBJ, what else?
  189. 2x4 in Lawson Culvert - Clear Creek
  190. wildcat canyon access
  191. Strainers removed at Gunnison Whitewater Park
  192. wood in lower fish creek
  193. Willow creek hazard!
  194. Heads Up! Bailey Boaters
  195. Log in Boulder Creek Rapid
  196. Rough Trip on Middle Fork of the Salmon, Idaho
  197. Stampede-Dolores 4/30/09 - 2 strainers to beware of
  198. Crystal River Access
  199. Wood in Castle Creek
  200. Rope in Lower Mish
  201. Small log in Grape
  202. Wood/Strainer in Lake Creek
  203. Daisy Wood
  204. Upper Colorado IDIOT 09
  205. Wood in Upper Colorado
  206. Idaho Main Salmon and Middle Fork High Water
  207. Metal Fence Post in Colorado River
  208. Lost rope in Bailey
  209. Bailey Wood
  210. wood in the Upper East
  211. Watch Out: Big Wood in the Ark downstream of Florence.
  212. Brown's Canyon - Log in Widowmaker
  213. Clear Creek - Dumont Section
  214. Wood Issues in USB
  215. Wood in Clear Creek of the Ark
  217. Grandjean, SF Payette - is it clear?
  218. Wood in Pine Creek
  219. Strainer/Obstacle on Durango Town Run
  220. Tree Strainer in San Miguel River, CO
  221. unclaimed 2009 Grand permits?
  222. tree strainer on Rio Grande
  223. Red River Wood
  224. minturn s turns strainer
  225. Upper East Access
  226. Rope in the River @ Waterton
  227. SBC wood
  228. riverwide tree in lower gore creek
  229. Managing bears (?) in Deso/Gray Canyons
  230. Problems scouting #5 on the Ark
  231. Virgin River Narrows: Important Beta
  232. Problems on N.F. Virgin River Narrows
  233. What goes in a pin kit?
  234. Climbers Rope in Barrel Springs 4/26
  235. Bear Creek - NIMBY rapid
  236. Anyone available to help with a possible rescue in the Zion Narrows?
  237. Boulder Creek heads up
  238. Riverwide strainer in Bogan Canyon
  239. Tree across Eagle in Edwards
  240. water rights & diversions
  241. deso/ grey Joe hutch canyon rapid
  242. New Threat of Lawsuit on The Lake Fork
  243. Lost throwrope in 11 Mile Canyon
  244. The Damn Dam on the Gunnison
  245. Lake Fork of the Gunnison (right to float)
  246. Utah Bill will limit river access
  247. PSA: Canadian Govt. ending navigation rights
  248. Get trashed..
  249. RRFW Riverwire Pearce Ferry Rapid Update
  250. Rope below Tunnel