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River Access & Safety Alerts!

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  1. Big South Update 7/20/14: Wood, Found Paddles, Lost Paddles.
  2. Kayak pinned in Crystal Gorge
  3. Rattlesnake alert!
  4. Two Bridges River Access
  5. Rope in water! Pine Creek 7/10
  6. Clear Creek - New Obstruction in Creek, after Ox Bow in Cork-screw
  7. NEW SAFETY MEASURES: Ox Bow portion of Clear Creek, through July 18 (M-F)
  8. ROCK FALL MITIGATION in Clear Creek after Ox Bow 'til July 18
  9. Colorado River at Pumphouse-State Bridge
  10. Woman and child lost to car accident in the lochsa
  11. Lost rope on Clear Creek (tunnel 1)
  13. ROCKFALL MITIGATION WORK - Ox Bow portion of Clear Creek
  14. Big Strainers (jumbo jet sized) Clark Fork
  15. Freedom To Use Rivers
  16. Wood on Boulder Creek
  17. SRT Course July 26-27
  18. East Fork South Fork Log Info?
  19. 28 Jun 2014 - Drowning near Salida on Arkansas River
  20. Throw Ropes in Waterton
  21. Log on Upper East River
  22. Lower Clear Creek Micro Stout
  23. pined boat on lower clear creek
  24. Kokatat Bibs
  25. Another Drowning on the Ark?
  26. Tree Blocking Entire San Miguel channel in Norwood Canyon Section
  27. Upper Blue Standard Line Impassible 2 Minutes After Hammer's Bridge Put In
  28. Coordinating rock blasting with users on Clear Creek
  29. Barbed Wire Across Rio Grande Above Lobatos Bridge
  30. lower blue wood?
  31. Log on upper lake creek
  32. Visible rope in water in Clear Creek
  33. Green River/Tushar Diversion Dam Update
  34. State Bridge Repair/Improvements
  35. Big ass log in 11 mile...gone!!
  36. Wood in San Miguel River -- Norwood Canyon section
  37. Boulder Creek Strainer below 55th st.
  38. Blasting at Twin Tunnels Clear Creek
  39. Blue river below green Mtn hazards at 1400?
  40. Crystal Narrows - Nasty Tree made me swim
  41. State Bridge to Two Bridges
  42. Arkansas River Salt Lick rapid swimmer drowned - guided trip
  43. Salt Lake man drowns after rafting accident in Green River
  44. Bailey wood
  45. Eagle River - Partial Blockage below Dead Cow
  46. CB area update
  47. North Saint Vrain-Shelly's
  48. Cottonwood in ark
  49. Lost rope in the Clear Creek above Screaming 1/4mile
  50. Chalk creek wood
  51. Salida-Large strainer downstream of lower Salida wave
  52. Trouble on Clear Creek
  53. Chalk Creek Strainer
  54. Arkansas River Spikebuck Strainer
  55. Bridge down on the White!
  56. Rafter drowns in Poudre Wed, June 4
  57. Westwater monday tuesday 9/10
  58. Black Canyon of the Gunnison - new strainer at Tomichi trail
  59. Silverthorne Town Run - low bridge clearance
  60. Labyrinth Canyon oil spill
  61. log in one of the ledges on the upper east
  62. Heads up, Upper Taylor fencing
  63. Moab Daily
  64. missing kayker
  65. San Miguel strainers!
  66. Log at takeout bridge elk river
  67. Kayak Pinned Avon CO (All parties OK)
  68. One Log Portage on Upper Frying Pan
  69. Kayaker death Near Marble
  70. River wide tree - SBC
  71. Respect For the Passed
  72. Lost oar on Ark Milk Run
  74. Grab Line on Raft Bottom?
  75. Upper upper Ark TR
  76. Lake Fork of the Gunnison Strainers
  77. Crystal River Strainer - Carbondale Town Run
  78. Log in Filter Plant on the Poudre
  79. Widowmaker hanging above Mad Dog Falls on the Poudre
  80. MFS Boundary Creek
  81. Wood in Taylor River Slot Rapid
  82. Wood in Lower Lake Fork
  83. Arkansas River CLOSURE (BV - Johnson Village)
  84. Bogan Flats
  85. Bailey Creek Colorado Wood Alert!
  86. Aspinall Unit Release Notification
  87. Rope in Numbers below #5
  88. Oh be joyful wood
  89. Blue River Large Stringer
  90. 10 Mile Creek, update….
  91. Please Consider Your Ability Level Prior to Running Upper Colorado Above 5,000 cfs
  93. Boulder canyon hazard
  94. Byers Canyon
  95. Eagle River - Partial Blockage in Minturn
  96. Two Bridges Upper Colorado!
  97. Two Bridges, Upper Colorado
  98. Wood in Bear Creek
  99. Eagle river clear from below Dowd chutes?
  100. Upper Gore Creek Strainer
  101. Big Thompson Hazards
  102. 20% chance that the Dolores could flow
  103. FYI: Boulder Creek/Little Niagra
  104. Horse Creek Boat Launch on Colorado River
  105. Marsh Creek Wood Status?
  106. Boulder creek line hazard
  107. What's the status of the Chama after the 2k flows?
  109. Rope in Waterton
  110. Upper Blue River Tree Blocking Channel
  111. Oregon Boaters - WKCC Safety Weekend June 21&22 this year
  112. Elk River Wood
  113. WRT (Whitewater Rescue Technician) interest
  114. ** Fence over Plateau Creek **
  115. Boulder Creek Closed
  116. Green River UT Low Head Dam Reconstruction - Need YOUR comment by 4/30/14
  117. Alert: Low Clearance Bridge on Clear Creek
  118. east fork of south fork salmon Blockage
  119. Browns Canyon log
  120. Grand Canyon Fatality
  121. Waterfall on the Dirty Devil?
  122. River access and usage: Why it's sometimes an issue
  123. Poudre's Josh Ames dam demolition video
  124. SPAM ALERT!!
  125. Fraser River Deal
  126. Virgin Narrows Management plan
  127. Bridges across Clear Creek
  128. Uprun of Grand Canyon Postponed
  129. RRFW Riverwire - Hualapai Tribe Announces Up-run Tours
  130. When would it be a good idea to take a SWRC?
  131. RRFW Riverwire - Grand Canyon River Trip Lengths May Change
  132. Crystal River Access in Carbondale
  133. Good news for Montana boaters
  134. Snowpack
  135. Sen. Mark Udall on Brown's Canyon National Monument
  136. Raising the Bridge @ Slaughter House
  137. Changes to Grand Canyon Trip Lenghts Proposed
  138. Bodies recovered in Grand Canyon
  139. I'm glad we don't get charges filed for river collisions
  140. OXBOW park Durango
  141. Yellowstone and Grand Teton legislation
  142. Durango WWPark work
  143. Grand Canyon now open through Oct 27
  144. Is the road to Boundary Creek on MF open/
  145. Grand Canyon Open For Rafters Tomorrow!
  146. Grand Canyon Reopening??
  147. San Juan river access
  148. Pinned kayak on Shoshone, CO River
  149. Tellico River
  150. RRFW Riverwire - Lee’s Ferry Closure Update October 4, 2013
  151. Upper Colorado Access
  152. River access being wrongfully denied during the government shutdown
  153. Kayakers need rescue!!! in Eastern Tajikistan
  154. Westwater - Self Registration OK
  155. Hells Canyon
  156. Clear Creek Beaver
  157. How will the Government's impasse affect launches on the GC?
  158. tree down on bear creek
  159. Canoeing the San Juan Montezuma Ck to Bluff
  160. Info: Colorado CS 33-13-111 and the declared state of disaster emergencies
  161. Clear Creek - raw sewage from Soda Creek Drainage
  162. North Fork Payette Truck in River
  163. Cochiti Reservoir (NM) Boat Ramps closed
  164. Taos / Pilar, NM Landslide September 2013
  165. Piedra logs/strainers/etc?
  166. Webbing Hazard in Lower CC
  167. boating in flood waters is now illegal
  168. Horse Creek Access is Open!!!
  169. Wood in Bailey 9/10/13
  170. cramer blow out
  171. Just a quick heads up.
  172. Mud Slides in Idaho on the Payettes and MF
  173. Horse Creek Access - Colorado River Update
  174. GORE!!!
  175. Clay Hills Road Access
  176. Log in Double Trouble (left entrance)
  177. Dead Elk in Clear Creek
  178. Deschutes River Rant: SAGE
  179. Manhunt on the Middle Fork?!
  180. State Bridge Landing
  181. Steel Rings in Royal Gorge
  182. Bear camp and Eden valley closed
  183. Middle Fork Fire and Drowning-
  184. Hopes for a Fish Revival as a Dam Is Demolished
  185. Oregon Safety Clinic
  186. Eagle County Update - Horse Creek Access
  187. New tree in Bailey
  188. Chama Releases
  189. middle fork fires..
  190. Poudre River WARNING at 3 way
  191. Poudre Canyon closed due to rock slide
  192. log in bridges section of the poudre
  193. LAST CALL - Your Input Needed On Flows In Canyonlands National Park - UT
  194. Possible drowning at Glenwood Whitewater Park
  195. Alto alto hazard
  196. Barrel Springs
  197. crystal Gorge report
  198. Boat pinned in Mystery Eddy, bailey, today 6/30
  199. Salmon River Blowouts
  200. Selway Cedar strainer at 44-45 mile ish
  201. Log in Super Max...
  202. Dam in BV to be removed for safer passage. Public input tonight
  203. Saint Vrain Regional Park Effort
  204. Big South Wood Status 6/23/13
  205. Rio Grande Box Canyon Burning
  206. River wide log at Coors Falls (West fork Clear Creek)
  207. Log in RIMBY
  208. Log in four falls on bailey
  209. Rope below RIGO
  210. Clear Creek-Dumont
  211. Lime Gulch Fire - Foxton
  212. Clear Creek FYI
  213. kayak pinned in Rigo last night, this morning 6/15
  214. Clear Creek closed again 6/15
  215. wood in castle creek?
  216. Royal Gorge impacted
  217. Wood in upper frying pan
  218. Fire at the Royal Gorge
  219. log in apple valley
  220. Chanel wide wood above tunnel 2
  221. Riverwide Stringer on Fraser
  222. Coors Falls River-wide tree b/t 1st and 2nd drop.
  223. San miguel river strainers
  224. Green River Diversion Dam Beta??
  225. Conejos Pinnacle Gorge wood
  226. river wide sieve on tensleep
  227. Throw Bag Lesson Learned
  228. Please comment on Yellowstone and Grand Teton River Access
  229. San Miguel Fence- Norwood Canyon takeout to Naturita
  230. Wood in lower Clear creek
  231. Tree in Lawson stretch of Clear Creek
  232. Rope in the Crystal
  233. Twin Tunnels Construction
  234. Poudre Wood
  235. River wide strainer in North Fork of the Coeur D'Alene River
  236. Crystal-Bogan Canyon Wood
  237. Twin Tunnels project - changes to Clear Creek?
  238. wood at white line (poudre)
  239. Log in third gorge of lime
  240. Metal hazzard in SSV
  241. Gilman log in fall creek
  242. Boxelder access
  243. Pump to rancho
  244. Clear Creek I70 to Denver
  245. Gunnison River - Whitewater Boat Ramp Parking Lot
  246. Logs in Boulder creek
  247. Trimble put in for the goosenecks on the Animas?
  248. Logs on Middle Fork.
  249. Road Construction on Main Salmon Road from Riggins
  250. Vallecito Trees