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Whitewater Kayaking

  1. Women's Clinic with Kristin Podolak, US Team Paddler
  2. Boat and Gear Swap at Three Rivers in Almont, Sat. May 28th
  3. New Bliss-Stick Super RAD 180!!! It Flys..
  4. EL JEFEs are here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. whitewater kayaking mags?
  6. Canon City Boater Question
  7. One Week Trip To Colorado: Episode 1
  8. Joe Wright/Spencer Heights Ready?
  9. Western Police and FireFighter Games, KAYAKING VENUE,RENO!!!
  10. National River Cleanup Week 5/14-22
  11. Kayaking in arizona
  12. clarification on the word CHACHI... for all you chachis
  13. Reno Competition Update
  14. SSV Running Yet?
  15. Escalante this Weekend - What will the flows be?
  16. loop question
  17. Royal Gorge, Friday, May20th
  18. shoshone
  19. Creek Boating this weekend: Vrain, Boulder?
  20. ACA Instructor Certification in Almont, Co June 9 - June 12
  21. Swift Water Rescue Level 1 Course Almont, Co. June 2-5
  22. Get down with Liquid Logic and Poudre River Kayak and Canoe
  23. Wellsville gauge on the Ark?
  24. Plateu Creek and Buzzard Creek Beta
  25. Playpark recommendations in and around Denver
  26. Any suggestions for CRC3?
  27. Opening on the Middle Fork of the Salmon.
  28. Looking for a few good men (or women)
  29. Mountain games
  30. Gunnison - Escalante to Whitewater
  32. ***Alpenglow Grand Opening & Swap***
  33. North Fork of the Poudre beta
  34. Poudre Flows
  35. Poudre Thursday Mornin
  37. Bear Creek photos 05-11-05 up on gallery
  38. Poudre Report
  39. Floaty 22 ... Whats the dilly with Escalante this weekend?
  40. BETA on the gunnison
  41. Piedra beta, por favor
  42. info on playspots around denver area and vail
  44. When are they gonna %#@$%@$ turn Bailey on?!?!?!
  45. High Water Poo-Yakking, brought to you by the EPA
  46. Get Your Warm-up On!
  47. Escalante creek photos; Phil from Salida
  48. Bear Creek Today?
  49. 2005 Poudre River Demos
  50. Oar boat opening on May 21 Middle Fork.
  51. big bear hole in lyons (today?)
  52. 6/6 Midle Fork kayaker spots available
  53. Interactive Upper Yough Guide
  54. I love redheads
  55. Whitewater Weekend/Front Range Whitewater Championships
  56. IV- to IV+ in the Durango area?
  57. U-hole???
  58. Dolores crowd beta?
  59. rolling
  60. theory
  61. looking for group of hotshots to paddle the BLACK CANYON
  62. Open spots for Middle Fork, launch date 5/14
  63. escalante river info?
  64. Reno bound for PWTPs and the Fest.
  65. Golden Community Rodeo Series - My 25, June 1, 8, 15
  66. First Aid kit suggestions
  67. Poudre Wednesday Afternoon
  68. Some photos of Escalante and Durango Playpark
  69. Boating near Moab
  70. IR Superbungee Shortage!!
  71. floaty22, plans for the weekend
  72. Big Slalom Race this weekend at GOLDEN PLAY PARK
  73. Mike Paris Photos of "U" Hole are up.......
  74. new to CO, looking for people to paddle with
  75. Crested Butte?
  76. Anybody been on SSV yet?
  77. Help me! Left behind Bike tire at Escalante Takeout
  78. Escalante Pictures
  79. Rio Grande: Pilar & lower Taos box next mon. anyone??
  80. ACA Instructor Workshop this weekend
  81. AW Coffee Fundraiser
  82. Mountain Miser & WAVESPORT TUES night Demo.
  83. where do i find the backpack set-up to hike w/ your boat?
  84. What is going on at the Steamboat Play Park this week?
  85. beta on LEROUX creek in paonia?
  86. Confluence vs. Clear creek Dilemma
  87. Curious about the water????
  88. Rib protection on Astral vests?
  89. Union Chutes this early? if not, lookin for park&play
  90. Brent Toepper's number?
  91. Arn, Nice Hole!!
  92. Room for Rent in Fort Collins
  93. sun paddle
  94. Good Times at Pueblo WW Park
  95. lower rockwood box
  96. Oil spill on the Arkansas
  97. The strainer in Clear Creek "Screaming Qtr Mile" r
  98. What is the gauge for grape?
  99. worst run in Colorado
  100. Saint Vrain question
  101. Escalante
  102. Anyone near Grand Junction?
  103. Best park-n-huck in Colorado?
  104. Brush Creek Race, '05. Creek Racin Cali style
  105. Poudre Rock Report
  106. CRC2
  107. South Platte below Chatfield?
  108. Yampa River Playboaters, heads up for wood!
  109. Run descriptions?
  110. Poudre 5/6
  111. I miss my Ultrafuge!! Anyone coming through Utah on their
  112. gunny gorge on sunday/shuttle partners
  113. Bear Creek This Evening!?
  114. looking for new boating buddies
  115. Filter Plant
  116. Monday Night Demos
  117. camping near the whitewater park in durango?
  118. Crystal Mills Run/falls
  119. howdy
  120. Statewide snow pack display
  121. Vamp needs a ride from NE to CO
  122. Min flows SSV - which gauge?
  123. newbies at Union
  124. Dowd Chutes Paddle Saviors!!
  125. Escalante creek on Sat/Sun
  126. Lower Taos Box
  127. U-Hole?
  128. The Ark Flows
  129. Bear Creek May 4, 2005 - Gear
  130. Werner paddles: Double diamond vs Sho-gun
  131. Boulder Creek
  132. Denver surf this afternoon question?
  133. New Outfitting for my Salto
  134. Escalante this weekeng?
  135. Kayaking modern history lesson
  136. Nomad 8.5 vs. El Jefe
  137. Does anyone know about a bad batch of bliss-stick hukas?
  138. What time does runoff start on the Poudre?
  139. For those who were wondering
  140. Chattooga Headwaters Access is granted!
  141. It's time to get SAFE!
  142. Creek Boat for sale
  143. anyone want to split shipping: lightning paddle to boulder?
  144. Bailey has to be running???
  145. Warm river top
  146. newmexicoh2o chat forum will be down for a few days
  147. Confluence and Eye Protection
  148. Lyons WW Park
  149. Anyone know where to find a topo duo?
  150. Cody boaters?
  151. Escalante
  152. double-a-ron....come in d-a-ron.....(roger-over)
  153. New boaters
  154. Wave Sport/Mtn Miser demo Tues. May 10th
  155. Season question (CO)
  156. Poudre WW Park fundraiser
  157. South Platte - 11 mile
  158. Left Hand Canyon Creek
  159. hello, colorado boaters
  160. Looks like Liquid Logic got the El Jefe on their site today
  161. New wood on the piedra!
  162. rock report
  163. Should I assume there will be people at embudo sat/sun?
  164. Bailey and Foxton
  165. Being screwed
  166. Photos: Kayak surfing Greymouth, NZ
  167. Is this boat legal for the Gore Race?
  168. Mountain Miser tuesday night demos are on
  169. Right to float issue heating up in Steamboat Springs.
  170. PADDLE WITH THE PROS 2005. 1st stop 4 Corners/Durango.
  171. SSV?
  172. Embudo, or NM creekin Tue Wed
  173. Chances of getting on a Westwater Trip?
  174. Become an ACA Whitewater Kayak Instructor
  175. Babes in Boats Women's Kayak Clinics
  176. boatin' budies
  177. 41st Crystal River Races May 6th and 7th
  178. Embudo or escalante, thursday p.m. and friday or sunday?
  179. luke pennington
  180. Christopher Creek
  181. Can you .....
  182. Hobie from Dagger
  183. Looking for a used boat?
  184. Is the cross-link plastic that Jackson uses for real?
  185. Pueblo WW Park Grand Opening
  186. Meyers
  187. EZG Play
  188. This is awesome!!!!!
  189. did anyone do ESCALANTE today (Sat)???
  190. Lower Taos Box
  191. Later Season Means Better Peak?
  192. Maine to Colorado
  193. Class 2&3 boaters group
  194. Colorado Cup Freestyle Event Schedule 2005
  195. Washington state
  196. Cali runs, Hobie where was that video from??
  197. Creekin', Playing and going to Cali. Anyone interested?
  198. another question answered...
  199. Rio Guadalupe Open at Gilman Tunnels
  200. 1978 Class V moment revisted...history and legend in the....
  201. Rio Patria, Costa Rica
  202. wierd stuff running
  203. need my guide book for cali
  204. Escalante update?
  205. Summer Housing in Estes Park???
  206. YUCK
  207. Try Kayak - Saturday May 7
  208. kayaking records
  209. need input
  210. Wave Sport demo day In Ft. Collins May 30th
  211. Wave Sport Demo day in Steamboat May 14th
  212. Wave Sport demo day in Vail May 13th
  213. North Fork Poudre minimum flow?
  214. paddler looking for help finding a boat
  215. Where's everone boating this w/e?
  216. CWWA
  217. Looking for Dave Frank
  218. Any damn front rangers want to carpool to NM this weekend?
  219. Red River, New Mexico
  220. Salida/BV Playpark Levels?
  221. Buena Vista to Front Range
  222. Nomad 8.1 Seat Adjustment...Need Serious help...please!
  223. My first time I went to Colorado, I hope it won't be my last
  224. Bear Tomorrow Afternoon?
  225. Escalante- looks like chocolate again
  226. Bailey Flow Inquiry
  227. 285
  228. Upcoming Clinics w/ Sam Drevo
  229. Colorado water storage chart
  230. Boat Thief BUSTED Today!
  232. Boating from Boulder
  233. Shoshone/ Barrel
  234. Wave Sport demo day in Durango April 30th - this Sat!
  235. new paddler trips???
  236. good camping in taos area?
  237. Fraser
  238. What works for keeping your glases from fogging?
  239. More self rescue???
  240. Grape Creek, Dewesse Reservoir looks like this...
  241. John from MT who's girlfriend is a surgeon
  243. Self rescue skills
  244. Upper North St. Vrain Creek Access Update
  245. Boat Repair/Welding in Steamboat or anywhere else?
  246. Barefoot or Booties ???
  247. Lyons Whitewater Park
  248. Can someone tell me the Colorado Pyranha rep's contact info?
  249. This is why I left the mountains
  250. New Lake Creek Descript