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Whitewater Kayaking

  1. Ark flows next weekend
  2. watch'n me loop
  3. Vallecito wood update
  4. Lava Falls - Grand Canyon - 12/1/2012
  5. Southeasterners in Colorado lookin
  6. Mini me question
  7. Lower South Boulder Beta
  8. Waterton Flow = Foxton + Deckers + ?
  9. SSV still running
  10. Camping/Hotels Mexican Hat
  11. coors falls beta?
  12. Full Face Helmet for Big Headed People
  13. White river north/south forks
  14. Gunnison River Float & Festival!
  15. used gear needed for disabled veterans paddling program
  16. north saint vrain buttonrock down beta
  17. SSV Hazard
  18. Lochsa carnage in the spider
  19. New member hello
  20. Warm Springs Rapid Cinco De Mayo 2013
  21. Boulder Creek was fun this morning
  22. Bear Creek - 77cfs?
  23. Canceling RH campsite this weekend
  24. Newb to the forum
  25. Left Hand Creek Photos and Visual
  26. Lyons Outdoor Games SSV Creek race
  27. Ruby/Horsethief Shuttle May 10th or 11th
  28. Gates of Lodore Flows???
  29. Screaming 1/4 Mile Race
  30. Lyons play park
  31. Rocky Mountain Cup Championship in Lyons
  32. Crystal River Races - 50 years only 47 races.
  33. Boulder Creek Gauge Broken?
  34. outfitting my Zephyr OC1
  35. Snow in the Arkansas River Valley
  36. Rick and Carol Walker, Replay Sports
  37. Straight Canyon aka Cottonwood Creek
  38. Missoula area this weekend- Show me the ropes?
  39. Idaho Boaters
  40. Cali creeking?
  41. Shiva Endurance vs. Burn
  42. San Juan - Trimble Camp
  43. Video: Glenwood Springs to Grand Junction
  44. Come to a Revelry for the River in SLC!
  45. Where to Buy Wear Pad Material
  46. Great video Of Warm Springs 2013 with the video!
  47. San Juan drift wood
  48. Minimum Flow for Pumphouse to Radium
  49. Walnut Grove Rd. to Thompson Lane (Murfreesboro TN)
  50. Great video Of Warm Springs 2013
  51. Great video Of Warm Springs 2013
  52. Cutthroat cataraft - Jack's Plastic Welding
  53. GC Day Pooper
  54. New MF Salmon Guidebook
  55. Heading out for FIBArk...
  56. River Trivia
  57. Ridgway and Montrose: Boaters Mtgs in May
  58. What thickness for diamond plate in rowers area?
  59. Ark flows for Training camp weekend May 17th, 2013??
  60. Navajo Operations Change
  61. One Boat Quiver
  62. Boating in Vancouver, BC
  63. Animas/Cascade/Lime
  64. Flat water on the Yampa, info please.
  65. Colorado's Kids in Kayaks Unite!
  66. strainer on the upper big Thompson
  67. Live without Breathing? New scientific breakthrough may redefine our sport
  68. Pimp and Ho 2013
  69. Looking for swift water instructor for Glenwood Springs
  70. Attention all Boulder Creek desperation boaters,
  71. From CO to NC looking for people to paddle With
  72. Construction on the South Platte
  73. Ride from Flag to CO - $/beer
  74. Boating in the Wyoming Area
  75. North Fork Payette Jet Boat Run!!
  76. Quick Cali Video
  77. Cross Mtn Beta?
  78. Glenwood Public Input on Confluence Area Design
  79. 7gallon buckets
  80. Northgate Canyon to Treasure Island May 11th and 12th
  81. Speaking of CSU...
  82. The b-side of randomness.
  83. Pyranha recoil
  84. Barrel springs visual
  85. FIBArk- Pine Creek to Eddyline
  86. Slalom Kayak Needs ride from Missoula to Boulder
  87. North Fork Payette flood video
  88. Homemade Mosquito Trap
  89. Dolores River
  90. Celebrate the New Boaterized Lower Gunny
  91. Major rolling anxiety.
  92. Eagle River Clean Up
  93. AW: HELP protect Gunnison Basin flows in minutes!
  94. Navajo Release Change
  95. Meeker,CO
  96. Platte at Confluence is at 700 CFS now...
  97. Piedra
  98. Water
  99. It's happening, right?
  100. Ran The Eagle Today. Pretty Fun....
  101. Vallecito wood update
  102. Cat TO & shuttle
  103. Big Thompson change
  104. Koozies Make for Colder Beer - But Not For The Reason You Expect
  105. Got all 3 sizes of JK Karma for free demo anytime :)
  106. Lower Piedra road?
  107. Mother's Day Races are back in Pilar NM
  108. Property on Poudre
  109. drytop wrist gaskets
  110. Casper creeking
  111. Westwater Flow
  112. Main Salmon Aug 23 launch
  113. Navajo Release Change
  114. 2nd Meeting for Browns Canyon National Monument - Golden
  115. Bear river festival good times
  116. Westwater carnage last weekend?
  117. Wheres the water going?
  118. Rower Wanted For Middle Fork Launch
  119. Vallecito
  120. Starting over after 10 years. Any tips?
  121. Looking for paddlers in fville
  122. Worth it?
  123. Deso in early April
  124. Shoshone River WY
  125. Smith River in July
  126. Join us on Deso Launch May 10.
  127. AW Members in GJ...
  128. Animas town run/Dolores town run
  129. Small mouth bass in desolation canyon
  130. Escalante watcher
  131. The Paddler Ezine
  132. Navajo Release Change
  133. So, You think you got boat control?
  134. Crested Brown has snow!!
  135. Film from across the pond and beyond.
  136. Smith River and Airport Location
  137. minimum flow below rancho
  138. sunscreen that won't sting eyes when rowing
  139. Moving from Roanoke,VA to Boulder,CO
  140. Trip Report - 2013 NW Creeking Comp (day 1)
  141. Bikepackrafting Westwater.
  142. Boating near Craig?
  143. Bear Creek
  144. Clear Creek Peak!
  145. Camp appropriate runs near Hayden ID
  146. Westwater Gravel Pit!
  147. Hooray for Jetboats
  148. Illinois video from last weekend
  149. State of the River Meetings in Colorado
  150. Does anyone have an open space for Westwater this Saturday?
  151. Pearce Ferry Boat Ramp Update?
  152. Visual on escalante creek
  153. Pyranha Burn Medium or Large?
  154. Anybody Been to Joes valley ut recently?
  155. Main Salmon June
  156. Chama- Sunday Flows?
  157. Hand lotion?
  158. New USGS Castle Creek Gauge
  159. New short film: The headwaters of the Colorado
  160. Q: List of all whitewater forums?
  161. Tallulah fest 2013 Video (Short Version)
  162. 'Precipice', could not put it down-
  163. Gunny Gorge Dog Friendly???
  164. Sealing cockpit rim with foam
  165. Otter picture and fising report. A section of the green
  166. USGS to discontinue some streamgages due to sequestration
  167. What does a gauge flatline mean?
  168. Thanks to kayakers at Skull
  169. Bailey's Canyon Questions
  170. is there ANYTHING flowing arround denver this week?
  171. River Boarding Safty....
  172. Good River KaRmA!!!
  173. Beta on Selway Launch, second week july
  174. Ark River Basin Snow Pack April
  175. Buena Vista River Park Clean Up Day Sunday April 18th.
  176. Most efficient steering stroke?
  177. Kudos to Lyons Kids Kayaking Club!
  178. Marsh Creek Trees
  179. Grand Canyon in February
  180. The Numbers right now?
  181. advice on protecting a knee when paddling
  182. Green River, WY playpark
  183. Do you have a May 17, 2013 Grand Canyon Launch?
  184. RRFW Riverwire Glen Canyon Dam Update low water late May!
  185. Navajo Release Change
  186. Visiting Denver
  187. Wood Alert - Middle Fork Salmon, Marsh Creek
  188. Anything running NW Montana???
  189. New Affordable Odor Control for Groovers
  190. Anyone driving from Breckenridge to Glenwood Springs TODAY--April 18th?
  191. Definitely one of the top spots to be on your birthday!!
  192. AW Grand Junction Boater’s Meeting: April 25, 6pm
  193. Montana Smith R. Creeks?
  194. Proposed Utah Diversions Make Colorado River Most Endangered in US- NEW VIDEO
  195. Navajo Release Change
  196. South Platte through Denver multi-year rechanneling
  197. Anyone recognize this rope cleat? Where to find it?
  198. Goals for the season>> sticky
  199. low water san juan
  200. Off Season ON SEASONING video
  201. Navajo Operations Meeting-April 23
  202. Westwater at 1800 - Recognizable?
  203. West Coast Events and pics, vids, schedules, race results-
  204. Lochsa weather data
  205. Pocatello in August
  206. Fishing the San Juan
  207. Interesting *twist* on Aldo Leopold
  208. Page to Lee's Ferry now a long drive
  209. West rosebud recreation release! And vid
  210. New to Eugene
  211. Yampa Warm Springs Beta
  212. New Guy on the East Carson
  213. Moab advice
  214. if it is any consolation to you.....
  215. Mystery Perception Bow/Stern Canoe Dry Storage
  216. Maravia Payette Cats
  217. M-BOX
  218. Gore below recommended?
  219. Roll Sessions
  220. Below Granite Gauge incorrect
  221. Late: Cataract Canyon Update
  222. Release bump to Lower Blue
  223. Kayak Video and Beer Drinking
  224. Paddle Sport Survey
  225. JWP's predictions are coming to fruition
  226. No offense meant to open boaters, but this is f' heeeelarious!
  227. Can this even be legal?
  228. New Royal Gorge Takeout
  229. Newbie looking to get into playboating
  230. Anyone have Rapid beta for the Middle Fork?
  231. Jarbidge/Bruneau Shuttle
  232. Riverboarding the Canyon
  233. Floating the Rio Grande by Alamosa
  234. Anyone going to be on the east coast this spring?
  235. Is Pine Creek And Numbers Really at 543 cfs?
  236. Shoe shopping on the Alatna.
  237. Any info on the M Wave is it up?
  238. Are you the type of person who would teach the blind to kayak?
  239. Upper Crystal Gorge Video
  240. The Deal with the South Platte Hotel
  241. Salida Pole Pedal Paddle
  242. Recommended day hikes for The Grand?
  243. Paddle Fest 2013
  244. open pool western slope weekends ?
  245. 2013 CSM Icebreaker Festival
  246. newbie, I bought a jackson Rogue 10'
  247. Pumphouse Open??
  248. Late summer Salmon
  249. who is making the best drop bag?
  250. Help Cheryl fight cancer Auction