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nikwho 09-16-2005 03:07 PM

i want a boat/gear
im trying to put together some money to buy a boat, but if anyone has anything to sell, im thinking i might be able to interest somebody in trading a boat and/or gear for guns! guns are a hobby of mine and i have quite a few! i would only do a legal ffl sale/trade, but just thought i would through that out there and see if anyone is willing! I am 6'1" with a size 13 foot and i weigh about 195. just lemme know if interested.....i hope this is in the right area! :)

Andy H. 09-16-2005 03:39 PM

So if you're coming from So Cal, what kind of hunting are they for - the urban or the rural kind?

nikwho 09-16-2005 05:06 PM

well, i live in arizona. and bought many of them here. no hunting rifles. anyhow, im on a tactical team and deal a lot with assault rifles. im not a big time hunter by any means. i want to get rid of a custom built M4 configured Ar-15 assault rifle with all of the goodies on it. and i have three pistols that im willing to part with. a Tanfoglio witness 10mm with only 50 rounds through it. only about three weeks old! i also have a Taurus PT24/7 .40S&W with three hi cap mags. i would say between 300-450 rounds through it. I also have a 1981 VZOR 70 (.32 cal) with two mags and conceal carry holster. i have a Remington 870special purpose shotgun with some goodies on it.(great for home defense and have a 20" rifled barrel for slugs(this is the only gun i hunt with!) i also have a Yougoslavian mauser (8mm) built in 1941. built for ww2 never issued and matching serial numbers. have origional issue cleaning kit and bayonet! im a little tight on cash and trying to sell a couple of these. but, if i could just trade it would save some time! :) The M4 is worth about $1500 and i can give very detailed specs to anyone who is interested. would do a partial trade for less expensive boat or trade for a boat and maybe a mountain bike or whatever! im very open as far as trades go:)

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