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Andy H. 05-16-2016 09:13 PM

WTF Microsoft? Windows 10 uses your PC to distribute updates.
I came across this a few days ago. Kind of like malware, but from Microsoft.

Windows 10 Uses Your Bandwidth to Distribute Updates, Disable It Here


k2andcannoli 05-17-2016 05:24 AM

Torrent style...

I'm still running 98, I think in good.

David L 05-18-2016 08:34 PM

It's also a good idea to set the updates so that they don't automatically download whenever they are released. Rather, you are notified that updates are available. You choose which ones you want and when to download them onto your computer

I've been told and read that sometimes the updates need to be corrected, such that you don't want them on your computer before they are verified to be safe.

I wait at least a week from the release date to download them.

Andy H. 05-18-2016 10:30 PM

Thanks David - I'll be sure to make sure my laptop is set accordingly.

ob1coby 06-26-2016 12:31 PM

Micr osoft installed the Windows 10 patch without my consent. The next week it took 5 minutes to boot, then an hour, then a day. Now it won't boot anymore. the computer store tells me that it can't be fixed and that I have no recourse against Microsoft. I sure don't get this one.

David L 06-26-2016 01:56 PM

You might have a "restore" that you can go back to.

David L 06-29-2016 08:51 AM

ob1coby - Within this article is a link that could be of help to you.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10? Is Win 10 better than Windows 7, 8.1? - Feature - PC Advisor

Microsoft has built in a simple process that only requires a few clicks to have the system roll back to your previous version of Windows (so long as you haven’t deleted the windows.old folder in which the previous version lives). You can read our guide to downgrading Windows 10.

Andy H. 06-29-2016 09:31 PM

So here's a little update on the transition to Windows 10.

A couple of weeks ago, I needed to play a DVD for a work product inspection video. The DVD didn't play automatically, Media Player didn't seem to be able to play it, and after a search I find there's an official "Windows DVD player" I can down load from their "App Store." So I logged onto the Windows "App Store" and I have to register to download a the Windows DVD player and access all kinds of "Apps" (formerly known as "Computer Software"). This sounds like a PITA, but ok, I'll do that because I really need to review these videos and be ready for a conference call where the shit might hit the fan on the project I'm working on. After dinking around with another free DVD player rather than paying $25 for the official Windows DVD player, I find it's already installed on the laptop and stay up late making notes so I've got my act together. OK, that was a hassle but

Next morning I fire up the laptop and go to log on. The computer name has been changed to the name I registered on the "Windows App Store," my password doesn't work, and a message says to use my previous password since I was "offline" and the password hasn't updated. WTF??? I thought I registered so I could access "Apps," not so Microsoft could mess with my work laptop and lock me out of it. I tried my old password, new password, nothing worked. Several more times with the new and old passwords, variations I may have used, just like I wrote it down, and still no go for about 45 minutes of pulling my hair out. Then go through the process of a remote reset for my "Windows Account" on my smartphone and still nothing. Meanwhile I have to get breakfast and meet the crew in 20 minutes, thinking "oh crap, will I be able to get into my laptop or is this thing a brick at the time my biggest project might be blowing up?"

Bill Gates must have heard me swearing at him because the next time I tried my password, it let me in. I've been able to make it work since and and when I have time I'll try to figure out how to sever the connection between my laptop and Microsoft's servers - I sure don't want those asshats to have any contact with my office away from home.

I also never know how long it'll take to shut down - I'll be on the way out the door and power down, the screen goes black and the powerlight is still on. For 5 minutes and if I just close it and leave, it stays on and the battery drains in a few hours (yes, I've done the power settings thing). If the light doesn't go off before I have to leave I just manually power it off. I checked into this and apparently where Windows 7 would show a message that it was "installing update 3 of 62, do not turn your computer off...," Windows 10 just updates without any message or user control to defer the updates. Or it may be something else.

Sure, it boots up faster but when I gotta run out the door, I want this thing off and to have a full charge if I have to fire it up in the afternoon or when I'm 35,000 feet over Barstow...

I don't think I'll roll it back but so far, I'm not too thrilled with this BS.

And yeah, I know this is all just First World Problems I'm complaining about but this is tightly connected to my livelihood.


Ed Hansen 07-05-2016 08:53 AM

Hope it works for you, Andy. After months of me telling it "no!", Win10 installed itself anyway, I decided to try it for a few days anyway before finally rolling back to win7 for the sake of my mental health, marriage, blood pressure, etc. My take away from the whole fiasco: This is my final Windows machine. Ever. My next computer will be an Apple. Wife feels the same about her machine. Microsoft attempting to force this crap on you, me, the world is garbage.

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mattman 07-05-2016 07:58 PM

I've decided Microsoft is pretty much the spawn of the devil himself, nothing burns me worse then them cramming there shit down my throat, against my will. Saving up my nickels for an apple product as well. Probly take a while, a LONG while, but will feel so good to tell them to F- off!!!

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