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Dave Frank 06-22-2005 10:49 PM

Rafts on Boulder Creek
Myself and some friends plan to take a few rafts from Ebin G through to 30th st. Thursday afternoon. Might have a Dory or two as well. I suspect we will have room for a few more passengers, but it would be nice to have a couple decent kayakers in tow (or in lead) as safety. Beer is likely to be involved, although drunkeness won't be encouraged. We plan to launch around 5 pm at the top of the park.

redbeard 06-23-2005 03:12 AM

missing the middle fork that bad, eh? just don't forget to duck under broadway!:wink:

I hear I wasn't the first trip this year to drag a couple corni's o' hazed down 'er!!

Dave Frank 06-23-2005 11:10 AM

Sounds like this probably won't be happening.

kayaked56 06-23-2005 11:51 AM

Rafts on Boulder Creek...Dave Franks were are you?
Dave, sounds like you really miss your home land of the MF...cant make it tonight, but are you up for some boating on Sat/Sun. Would like to run Big-South.

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