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wabisabimike 02-22-2014 03:15 PM

Visiting the Sacramento area!
Hi there! I'm a class III and pretty often IV boater. I'm bringing the playboat since it's impossible to travel with a creeker:-( I'm looking forward to go shred some ocean waves which I have never done before!!! I'm 27 respectful, happy go lucky, and am not afraid to be too proud lol:-P If you're an easy going person I WILL get along with you. Let's go smoke some herb(DEFINITELY not a requirement lol. Boating before bowls... sometimes the other way around;-P) and shred some III maybe IV and some ocean!!! I'm going to be based out of Vacaville and need a ride since I'm flying out. I'm pretty used to Colorado manc and bigwater, so I'm down to scout what Cali's got so long as it's in my realm:-) See you soon California! I'll be out there from March 6th to March 22nd.

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