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Mr. Coffee 06-08-2005 04:00 PM

Need FIBark volunteers!
To anyone and everyone,

FIBark, the greatest little rafting festival in the U.S. is happening June 16-19 in Salida! We are currently still looking for more volunteers of all types to help this community event happen.

Most importantly, we are looking for anyone interested in helping safety kayak/ throwbaggers for our very first Pine Creek boater-X! Also looking for solid EMT's willing to donate some time for the race. Carnage is a VERY REAL possibilty with everyone battling for the one good slot so please call only if you feel up to the task. Event is on Saturday the 18th.

We are also looking for boaters with an interest/experience in Slalom races. Event is also on Saturday.

Finally, if anyone has any goodwill time to donate to the festival, that would be great. Please contact Jaime at 719-539-6918 for more info for any of these events.

Ken Vanatta 06-08-2005 05:57 PM

Thanks Mr. Coffee! The post is much appreciated and has already resulted in a couple of calls. You are right, an event this size really does necessitate a large amount of volunteer help. IN CASE ANYONE WASN'T AWARE, WE DO OFFER SOME SPECIAL GRATITUDE FOR OUR VOULUNTEERS ASSISTANCE. Much more help is desired folks. Please contact Jaime at 719-539-6918 or Phil at 539-3029. Anyone with Slalom event expertise would be greatly appriciated. Also, Class V safety boaters and some more EMTs for the Pine Creek race. And all kinds of assistance in the downtown activitities is needed. Thanks again. The 57th Annual Blue Paddle FIBArk Festival is no doubt going to be the best ever this year. Come enjoy the party and the competitions everyone. Cheers!

Ken Vanatta 06-10-2005 07:03 PM

Again, for any Class V boaters that don't intend to enter the Boater X at Pine Creek, would you consider contacting us about helping with Safety. If you were planing on watching instead, please consider helping us out and getting the view from your boat. :shock: Thanks in advance. CHEERS!

Ken Vanatta 06-13-2005 01:23 PM

Throw me a bag, Dude! BOATER-X gone wild!! Help... help!
Yo all ye Pine Creek Gonzos. FIBArk BOATER-X is going to be HOT!!! Tao and others tweaked Marco's mellon :wink: and he's got it dialed in and doing it right. 8) DON'T FORGET, THIS EVENT IS ALSO GOING TO BE FILMED BY LVM AND PLAYED THAT EVENING FOR ALL THE MASSES TO VIEW. You too could be famous. :shock: We would greatly appreciate finding a couple of more Safety Bag Throwers and one more Safety Boater if possible. Please either call the contacts above or Mark at CKS 395-8653. This event will rock. Don't miss it and please help us if you can. Thanks to everyone. It looks like the weaher is predicted to be awesome, and the free Concerts, the beer, food, and short shorts and halter tops a plenty. :P By the way, the upper Salida hole is working great. Get ready for an awesome throwdown. Oh, don't forget to bring your cruisers, costumes, and Hooligans, too. Heh heh heh ... Everybody FREAK OUT!!!! :D See ya soon! :lol:

marko 06-13-2005 04:06 PM

I need to make a correction about Ken's post. If you are interested in volunteering please call my cell # 970-485-1924. Please don't call CKS. My cell # is the best way to get on the volunteer list.

This race should be a great time. It definitely will be the highlight of the festival, not that the rodeo isn't fun to watch. Right now the flows on the Ark have dropped due to SNOW (Huh!?!) But it is warm today and it is supposed to stay warm all week. The temps are going to definitely bring the level in Pine Creek up to hopefully about 1000CFS or more. (the hole gets very roudy at 1000 to 1800CFS) There is still a bunch of snow up high in the mountains. Some people think the Ark has yet to peak....we shall see this week with warm temps.

There will be a timed qualifier. The top 16 times will go head to head. Top 2 paddlers in each heat advance until we have the final 4.

The race will be filmed and then aired at the Steamplant in Salida at 10PM. We will be raffling off a new boat at the showing. We will also be premiering the new LVM #16.

Hope to see everybody there...FIBArk is such a fun weekend!!

Mark Olson

Mr. Coffee 06-13-2005 04:36 PM

FIBark is such a fun event?....C'mon Marko, you can say it: "FIBark Fucking kicks ass!!." It like Christmas for a boater! 8)

marko 06-13-2005 04:54 PM

Mr. Coffee, I guess I need put things in BOLD letters and drink lots of COFFEE to decribe my enthusiasm for the upcoming Christmas!

marko 06-14-2005 12:32 PM

Thanks to all that called me for volunteering.

Good news for all...we have permission to be on the railroad tracks!


Thanks again...I will try to call everybody to let them know of the change of meeting.

Mark Olson

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