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brendodendo 06-29-2009 10:34 AM

found throwbag in slaughterhouse
I'm posting this here, and trying to figure out the proper response.

Yesterday, we set out to raft Slaughterhouse on the Roaring Fork. we encountered some private kayakers that warned us of new wood in the right channel just below the bridge. I believe the usual line for a raft is left, but this beta helped us confirm our route.

As we made the move, we spotted a fully deployed throwbag from a premier company in Aspen. We pulled over and reeled in the bag. Upon inspection, I found that the main attachment strap was deteriorated and had broken.

Did the guide figure out at some point that his bag was gone? Do guides have a responsability to report a lost bag in the river to their superior? Should it be reoprted here?

I'm just saying that we have a great river in our backyard. We as the buzz community hear neary nill from Aspen outfitters about new wood and other alerts on this strech.

Anybody want to comment.

ps. The bag is rotten. The rope will be used as a cloths line.

whip 06-30-2009 09:29 AM

In Aspen throw ropes are like wives...a dime a dozen.

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