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riverruth 07-01-2004 06:10 PM

Ken Whiting Leaves Liquid Skills
For Immediate Release

Ken Whiting Leaves Liquid Skills

Ken Whiting, one of the founding partners of the Liquid Skills Kayak School, has left the Liquid Skills team to pursue his other ventures. After a very successful ‘2004 Freeboat Tour’, an instructional tour through North American this past month, Ken made the very difficult decision to leave Liquid Skills, although he will continue to teach the occasional clinic with them.

“Over the past couple of years my focus has been on the production of books and videos, and the development of the ‘Freeboat Tour’. With a bunch of new book and video projects in the works, and a bigger and better Freeboat Tour being planned for next year, I realized that I no longer had time to dedicate to Liquid Skills.” (Ken Whiting)

Ken’s 2005 Freeboat tour will be taking him to locations across North America, as well as to Europe. Ken is currently working on a rolling book and a sea kayaking video, which he will be shooting for the next 4 weeks on Vancouver Island.

For more information about Ken’s upcoming activities, stay tuned to

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