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klamb 06-18-2008 11:14 AM

Big Thompson possible for tomorrow!
Do not be surprised if late tonight, June 18, you see an increased flow come out of Olympus Dam and down the Big Thompson River. Last night, after the warm temperatures yesterday, inflow to Lake Estes came up again as melting snow came down. We just might see similar flows again tonight. If so, we could pass a release through the dam on downstream around 500 cfs or maybe higher.

I am out of the office today, so I might not be able to get an update later this afternoon. If I can, I will post it. But, meanwhile, please be aware that tomorrow morning, flows in the Big Thompson could be higher than they are today.


P.S. Hey Admin guys, why is that whenever I put an "8" next to a ")" I get a 8)?

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