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phlyingfish 06-19-2007 05:19 PM

Clarks Fork Yellowstone Wood Update
Just a quick note after a weekend in the Clark's Fork Drainage. The Honeymooner Section is currently laced with new(er/ish) wood. There is a river wide strainer in the runout for Ralph that was impassable at Saturday's flows (~2,800). Scout/portage that one on river right. DO NOT RUN RALPH BLIND. We ended up roping our boats out of the canyon from large eddy on river right above the drop. Trixie had a log extending from river right at the bottom of the drop right above the undercut wall, no bueno. Crandall Creek Rapid had a spikey log overhanging the final part of the standard line. That log was probably avoidable, but no one in our group tested that theory. Crandall Creek also had some wood just below the big slot drop and in the final mini-gorge two drops above the confluence.

A boater mentioned that the log in Ralph was passable at lower flows, so the run may not be totally busted. Be careful in there. Happy paddleboating.

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