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boofchamp 12-06-2006 09:38 AM

Rio Chama in New Mexico
Has anyone actually done the upper stretch of the Chama? Is it any good. It looks cool in CRC but I don't know anyone who's done it. Who's got first hand information on the wild & scenic section or the upper section. Both have been on my to-do list for awhile but I haven't gotten around to them. Come on El NIno.

michaeljones 12-09-2006 04:16 PM

Did the upper chama, (class 4 above the town of Chama), many years ago. It was early season, and the water was pretty low. After scouting and/or portaging numerous blind drops followed by strainers, we were portaging the biggest drop, (terminal hole backed by a sieve - CRC1), I said to my boating partner, "you know this is a once in a lifetime experience?". Mostly because neither one of us would bother to do it again.

atom 12-09-2006 04:54 PM

I have also done it once at low water and will never do it again at that flow. Tons of portages and sieves. But I Had some friends hit it at super high flows and they had a blast. Good class 5 at high water was the word. Hope of snow this winter. Atom

bigboater 12-11-2006 08:26 AM

Attempted it once. Had a run in with a militant land owner. Didn't seem worth it.

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