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2tomcat2 01-10-2020 04:27 PM

Possible 2021 permit fee increase for Deso?
There is a notification on the Deso permit page on, noting a proposed increase in fees for 2021:

The BLM is seeking comments on the draft Desolation Canyon and BLM Price Campgrounds business plans. The draft business plans provide the American public with the opportunity to review how recreation fees will be used and submit comments on proposed fee changes.

The proposed fee change for a Desolation Canyon River Permit, is to raise the current $25 individual fee to $50 for the 2021 season.

You can find the draft business plans for review here: (click on Utah)

Please see the offical news release for more information on how to submit your comments.

noahfecks 01-10-2020 05:01 PM

I would like to read up, using the link you provided I can only pull up the finished plan from 2012. Am I looking in the wrong place? I don't see any links for proposed plans even though it talks about proposed plans in a comment period.

2tomcat2 01-10-2020 05:10 PM

I did not either, more searching may yield that answer

MNichols 01-11-2020 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by 2tomcat2 (Post 756751)
I did not either, more searching may yield that answer

Maybe call the BLM in Price for that answer. If it's a draft plan, it's open to public comment.

MNichols 01-11-2020 07:04 AM

Says it's the 2020 plan draft. Alll 29 pages of it in a PDF file.

MNichols 01-11-2020 07:11 AM

Seems they are running at a deficit of 140K$~ The fee increase would amount to $8.66 per user per day, here's what they propose to do with the increased income surplus of about 50K$

Improved infrastructure at Sand Wash Ranger Station from the Sand Wash Master Plan (~$240,000)
o Expand current parking at Sand Wash (300’ long x 45’ wide) by 300 additional feet to accommodate 30 more vehicles.($50,000)
o Road drainage improvement ($10,000)
o Widen road access to boat ramp ($15,000)
o Expand 7 existing campsites and add six more with 2 extra toilets. ($70,000)
o Add 4 new screen cabins with concrete floors ($70,000).
o Widen the boat ramp by removing tamarisk. Widen and clear existing foot path and spaces leading to the river. ($10,000)
o Fence off native Cottonwood trees for protection. ($5,000)
o Install educational kiosk near cottonwood trees and interpret historic cabins ($10,000)
• Road maintenance at the Sand Wash Ranger Station area (~$150,000).
• Improvements at Swaseys Beach Take-Out (~$333,000)
• Funding an additional seasonal ranger position, resource specialist, or youth intern position to support BLM ranger staff in meeting program objectives such as on-site river operations, cultural resource protection, and river management plan development (~$50,000/per year).
• Extended river ranger work seasons. Shoulder seasons are increasingly popular, and thus resource issues are occurring both earlier and later in the year. Ranger presence at Sand Wash during early spring and late fall would enhance both user safety and resource protection during these increasingly popular seasons. (~$25,000 per year)

2tomcat2 01-11-2020 07:18 AM

Hey, thanks for finding it, much appreciated!

MNichols 01-11-2020 08:02 AM


Originally Posted by 2tomcat2 (Post 756843)
Hey, thanks for finding it, much appreciated!

Not a problem. I've spent a lot of time looking over business plans, EIS's and all manner of NEPA docs. Here's my take away for this one.

Seems well thought out, Deso has for years been underfunded and sort of ignored until boating exploded 15 years ago. Nothing much changed in the way of fees, or regulations, or amenities until they built the screen houses, which you almost can't reserve due to demand. I personally sleep up on the wrinkle road the night before in skeeter season, as they block out the sun and moon...

Well thought out, well justified, I don't see a reason it won't pass muster. Do I like fee increases, well in a word no.. Do I realize the need ? Yep. 9 bucks a day in fees to run Deso, well it's cheaper than many rivers, the salt comes to mind with all the Indian fees.. They do a comparison to Grand Canyon in the plan as well. 110.00 permit for 18 days is 7 bucks a day. So in my estimation they really aren't out of line in their needs / request.

okieboater 01-11-2020 09:52 AM

Early on in my times of boating Deso Gray, I was not a regular. I thought Deso Gray was always run when it was in flood and for me the skeeter issue at the put in was a pain.

In the last few years several river buds have introduced me to late season Deso Gray runs. Not the big flood water excitement but few if any bugs and very manage able rapids. The more I do these later season runs, the more I appreciate what Deso Gray has to offer and the more Ranger protection I think the resource needs. Every run gives me more appreciation for this river section.

The current put in is very basic and I am glad to pay more to see ramp improvements and more bug houses. Late season low flow runs find the put in muddy and 4 wheel drive launch vehicles are a big help. The take out is good except some type structure to make the ramp eddy easier to hit would be appreciated by senior type rowers like me. I agree the plan looks good. For me, I do not mind paying more for a specific river to get improvements AS LONG AS the money goes to that local river agency not the people in Washington DC.

While I realize we need some of the centralized planning I believe local on the river rangers are better at taking care of their local rivers than the desk rangers in Washington DC. Looks like a great plan and thanks to those who brought the plan to the Buzz and those who explained what is included in the plan with easy to understand summaries.

raymo 01-11-2020 01:41 PM

Deso/Gray is my favorite strech of river to run, been down a dozen or so times, would of liked to run a few more times over the years, but just could not make it happen. Hope the funds make it to the river for their new projects.

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