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whitewater skim/surf/board thing

I'm looking for info on a sport I've seen where you surf (standing up) in whitewater on a skim-board sized thing while tethered to the shore.

Basically, you've got a line that goes across a stream, from that line a short piece that is then attached to a ply wood plank or such board that you surf on. So you are not flowing downtream with the water, but the water is flowing past you. I've seen this set up in a ski movie and it looks like fun.

I'm thinking about setting up someting like this outside my house on the Boulder Creek. Does any one know about the legality or liability issues regarding this?
or know if this is an absolutely dangerous ridiculous sport?

Don't worry; I wouldn't leave this set up to strangle any boaters.

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Hi Milos,
I'd say go for it. I think you'd have to have either swift current or deep water to make it work, but it is fun. You'd probably want to have about a 6-pack in you. Just make sure your setup is easy for a kayaker to get under.
As a kid growing up near Grand Junction, we used to tie pieces of plywood to bridges over canals and do this. My favorite part, besides flashing my ass at the folks exiting I-70 and then jumping off the bridge, was lying down on the board and sinking the front edge and doing a dive. It was scary because I never knew what was down there in that dirty canal water... probably a dead dog or a giant catfish or something like that.
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yeah you never know what you're going to find in canals...or worse yet, drains.

i talked to a friend right after i posted this who said 'oh yeah. we were doing that last weekend' and gave me some ideas on rigging. he still didn't know what the sport is called.

thanks for the advice...we've got the swift, not sure about the deep.
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Great, now I wanna try it. Let us know how it goes.
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WARNING! This sport is dangerous and many kids have died from it. ALWAYS have a knife along to cut the rope if needed. Kids in both Salda and Canon City have died skurfing because no one had a knife!

The sport is called Skurfing. Kids along Colorado rivers have been doing it for generations. Its a cross between waterkiing and surfing. Basically we used to get a sheet of plywood, some nylon rope, and some pvp pipe. You cut the corners off the front of the board and drill a hole in the middle. Tie the rope to the board. Tie another small rope there also and make a rope handle like waterskiing on about 3 foot of rope tied to the same hole in center of board. You can also use the cut off corner triangles to make fins under the board.

Find some nice fast and preferably deep water. Tie the rope off about 200-300 feet upstream of the hole you wanna play in. You need a 300 foor long rope for best results.

Lean back on the board and sink it into the current, thereby stretching the rope waaaaaayyyy out. Then pop back up vertical and the stored energy in the rope pulls you back upstream. This is when you do your 360 or other trick as you skim upstream. Then rinse and repeat. You can also just sit there and carve across the river back and forth.

I first Skurfed in the early 80's above the diversion dam in Canon City. I think some sort of bungee cord could really advance this sport.

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Somone left a makeshift version of this thing inthe river left side of the dam at the top of the course on Boulder creek the other day. I laughed as Forrest got out and surfed it, then fell off in really shallow water. There used to be a sweet one near Steamboat that had a very stretchy climbing rope. You could sub out deep, stretching the line and then come shooting up out of the water, as the rope bounced back.
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